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Again, I have sentenced myself to poetry as a means of working with spiritual entities. As such, I've learned of its ease. I had worked with Sitri, and so forth, this had been brought unto the clutches of existence.

Lustful Invokation

Leopard-headed man

With wings majestic

Come unto me

A mage who dreamt this

Prince of deities

As god of lust

Come forth as Sitri

For my cause of such

Belief in darkness

Harbored as lust

Come forth to seek the

One I trust

Charmer of snakes

Confusing to me

I beg for thine aid

In making her see

I had worked with Marchosias the other night, my end of the bargain was to write and afterwards publicize three workings of poetry. I'm not much of a writer, so hopefully it didn't come out too awkwardly written or otherwise silly.

Invokation of Damnation

Marquis of The Underworld

Warrior of unlight

Fight for thine justice

Fight for thine throne
Ox-formed spirit

Winged and tailed

Come forth to hear it

The angels have failed

Sinful Shame

Standeth strong upon legions.

Standeth opposed to their light.

Runneth now, Marquis of Heathens.

Runneth now, towards the fight.
Hideth now, from the fair man's sight.

Hideth now, call of witch's name.

Undying now, oppose the false light.

Undying now, cause them sinful shame.

Prayer Upon Strength

Deital prowess

Knowledge of strength

I seeketh thine image

Of muscular freight
I come to you faithful

I come to you late

Now come to my table

And bread we shall break

Hello, I'm a relatively new member. I was wondering if anyone knew a specific trick or perhaps a few tips to learn the correct pronunciation of the Inverse Lord's Prayer(Lord's Prayer said backwards). Thanks in advance.


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