Meetup for Satanists / LHP - San Diego , CA ( Bi-Monthly )


Date & time Sep 8 '19, 04:30PM
Event ends Sep 8 '19, 06:30PM
-Cigar Cave ( hillcrest ) 3858 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103
Creator Zach Black

Who's attending

Zach Black Owner


Meetup for Satanists / LHP - San Diego , CA ( Bi-Monthly )

Cigar cave meetup for Satanic International . This is a bi-monthly event every other Sunday at 7:30 pm. Next one is September 8th 2019.

Cigar cave is a dark lounge with free poker, pool, chess , good beer, wine, cigars , fire pits and you can smoke inside. All are welcome.

I would suggest you contact me first because sometimes the event gets canceled. Also I like to know who is showing up. Meetups are free BTW.

What to expect? All depends on who is there. Usually casual we talk shop and play poker. Sometimes topics will come up of a higher intellectual caliber....but don't count on it. If you are there to learn ask away. It is fluid. I would expect on playing poker with half a dozen drunken Satanists chain smoking. But, sometimes it is sitting around the fire pit  outside talking about Satanism and current events.


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