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The indoctrination of children | Forum
AK 13 hours ago
The indoctrination of children is, straight-up, awesome. 


Why? Because children are stupid, and 7 times out of 10 their parents aren't much brighter, either. 


What do you expect? let them develop naturally? these idiots will be wiping their bare asses on the shower curtains if at all, painting the walls with crayons, and eating paste and glue well into their 30s.


"oh I want my child to think for itself" 


Ok, well, you have to indoctrinate it to language in order to do that, nimrod. It's going to have to learn how to maneuver some concepts it didn't invent, unless you plan on sending the hapless turd down a river in a hand basket or something.


Tell me exactly how indoctrination is a bad thing. Can anyone do this? Simple question. Or is it just one of those automatically bad things that are because it sounds as if it is so?


Show me one example of a non-indoctrinated person to exemplify. I mean, all the indoctrinated people I know of are, at this very moment, likely yelling at traffic and shitting themselves as the need arises as they walk.

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href="https://www.satanicinternationalnetwork.com/social/user/AnnaCzereda">Anna Nov 5 '18
This article is fun:


Am I missing something? When I was a kid, there was no talk about bullying. When other kids teased you, you either insulted them back or ignored the motherfuckers. I don't recall any acts of physical violence. That was prohibited. But calling each other names not so much.

Now there seems to be a demand for support groups for the victims and survivors. Are children now more cruel than they used to be years ago? Or is it mere fostering of the victim mentality? Should adults react when children fight each other, either physically or verbally, or just let them resolve the issue among themselves? Doesn't protecting the weak make them even more fragile?
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