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Merc Jul 10
Yes, I understand what that rule means and that it's easy to parse and to fit it around one's personal values. 

I used it simply as an example of changing something very minor within the CoS and copying everything else exactly and using that minor change to merit starting my own organisation and in order to give myself a title or a position of authority within that organisation. Also in order to pose the question that if someone was to do that, would it make them one of the four things mentioned in my previous post. 

AK Mod
AK Jul 10
The organisations mentioned in the OP have more than just minor differences between each other. The differences are significant. 

An example of an organization that has only minor differences between it and the C/S is the FCoS, and its whole business model revolved around debunking Anton LaVey. What that makes the FCoS' founder, you ask? It made him just another transparent and mock-able kook with a website. 


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Merc Jul 10
Which leads to me to follow up question, how different is it acceptable to make your organisation and still justifiably refer to it as Satanism? Just curious about people's personal opinions. 

Just to be clear, in case I wasn't before, I'm not actually planning on starting my own organisation with any degree of similarity or difference from the CoS. I was just curious because there's so many organisations around about and I wondered what others thought about this and that it may start an interesting debate. 

AK Mod
AK Jul 10
For the same reasons there's ~30,000 branches of Christianity. Symbols, by definition, are polymorphic. A symbol that isn't polymorphic is just a sign. 

It doesn't phase me all that much that there numerous disparate satanic organisations out there. Things that phase me are:

1) when the deviation between one and the other are minor-to-non-existent.

2) the reasoning behind using the word Satan at all is not well-defined or comprehensible. i.e. "Satan represents compassion" = lolwut?

3) the claim that there is only one "true" Satanism. As stated before, Satan is a symbol, and symbols that do not allow for a multitude of interpretations are not symbols. 

4) the use of the word Satanism where Devil-worship or reverence is just plain more appropriate. 

4a) Use of the word Satanism or Devil-worship as a self-descriptor to describe what amounts to a reverence for foreign or arcane deities. i.e. Followers of Enki and such. Enki is its own thing - closer to a Neptune than anything else. 

Most importantly what really irks me is the notion that Satanism as a principle can be used unironically to join people together. This amounts to attempting to bottle the fabled alkahest. As such, a satanic organisation that revolves solely on the generation and propagation of disruptive and divisive ideas and thought-forms to provoke unaffiliated individuals to action is the only instance in which a satanic organisation per se would be thematically consistent in my book. 

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Merc Jul 10
Seems as though we are more or less in agreement on this matter then. 
Anna Jul 10
If you ever establish your own order and call yourself a high priest or whatever, you will be a leader of an organization you yourself created, nothing more, nothing less. Whether this is legitimate is a matter of an individual and subjective interpretation.

If you want to affiliate yourself with an existing organization of your choice, go for it. There is nothing inherently wrong with joining a group as long as you have a healthy distance to it. All organizations, rituals and titles are in themselves meaningless but they sometimes might serve as tools for self-development. Or they can make you blind. It depends. Nothing is more eye opening than disillusionment. It can serve you well in the long run.
DirtBad Jul 11
Wow, that was a fine, enlightening discussion. I see what you mean AK about making a universal aspect of Satanism doing what every other religion does. My primary interest in religion, in general, considering Satanism as a religion, is solely in finding a wife who shares similar beliefs about life, the universe, and everything. I could probably convert to any religion for a good one for me, since they seem so hard to find when you are an individual.

I understand more clearly about Satanism after this discussion, and I may be in the wrong place-- being online.

What the hell is the point of all this antagonistic suffering anyway? Building character? lol I've got enough of that, and PTSD to go with it.

My self philosophy may be best kept private, unless people specifically ask for my guidance. I learned that by Satan. It's probably going to take time to heal these wounds on my tender heart after these years, but the human being is an amazing organism, and we endure and overcome the most arduous challenges, whatever they may be. It was foolish to put such a sensitive soul like myself out to people who care so much to hurt. Or was that wisdom for my station and level in life? I suppose time will tell, as well as what I make with my life from these ashes. Maybe a smiley face will do. For now.

AK Mod
AK Jul 11
Your reply would be better suited as a new forum topic, and I encourage you to start one with this response. Copy and pasting is fine. It does touch upon a fair amount of things worth commenting on that warrant their own topic apart from the OP. 
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