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Anna Jul 10
If you ever establish your own order and call yourself a high priest or whatever, you will be a leader of an organization you yourself created, nothing more, nothing less. Whether this is legitimate is a matter of an individual and subjective interpretation.

If you want to affiliate yourself with an existing organization of your choice, go for it. There is nothing inherently wrong with joining a group as long as you have a healthy distance to it. All organizations, rituals and titles are in themselves meaningless but they sometimes might serve as tools for self-development. Or they can make you blind. It depends. Nothing is more eye opening than disillusionment. It can serve you well in the long run.
AK Mod
AK Jul 11
Your reply would be better suited as a new forum topic, and I encourage you to start one with this response. Copy and pasting is fine. It does touch upon a fair amount of things worth commenting on that warrant their own topic apart from the OP. 
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