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Mauricio Gonzalez II


I am A Traditional DeviL Worshipping Anti-Christ Loyal Satanist (Militant Pagan), from Las Vegas, Nevada & who is fascinated by the idea of Ritualistic B.D.S.M. (refer to ancient practices of honoring Ishtar/Ashtoreth) with an ideal female whose capabilities would compliment my own talents & abilities, must have certain traits (for Spiritual/Occultic reasons).

The ideal female that I desire is one that be A tall Nordic/Albino beauty with neither "blemish" nor "tarnish", has not been "defiled" & not "corrupted" in the mind. With fierce independence, good wisdom, intelligence, one who could hold her own in A fight & is psychically/spiritually powerful in the Occult.

I wasn't specific enough before when I first posted here & now I have stated my desires. I am willing to over-look *certain things*, provided that you are either A very powerful Witch that could demonstrate your skills or great in your social status & wealth. Hope to see you soon!

666 Ave Santanas!


      ~MG2 [s.s.s.] >:).

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