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Vik Sep 20 '17
My name is Viktoria, but I prefer Vik.
I am a witch, and I answer/speak to Satan regularly. I have a couple of other deities/forces that I work with, but my lord is very precious to me.
My beliefs in Satanism spirituality are very eclectic, and I can't really say that I'm apart of a particular group. None of them really feel right. Which brings me to why I joined.
I keep an oath of silence about my spirituality. Pretty much I can't speak of it outside of my "brothers and sisters". There is no one in real life that I can talk to or even slightly relate to. Not to mention I've been broken up with in romantic relationships because of me giving a vague hint about it. I would love to meet like minded people, or even people who could enlighten me on their own path. Instead of all the fear and judgement I've been getting for so long by only having my pentacle out. 
Anyway this is probably too long, but I'm excited to meet all of you!
TheMystic Support
TheMystic Oct 9 '17
Hey Vik, so glad you joined. And the info you share is never to long. thanks so much for joining.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 11 '17
Vik: Firstly: you are welcome to this place where demons can write back to you. Secondly : keeping your oath of silence or secrecy it's very important in the occult, not to reveal the secrets to the ignorant who can harm you it's more important.  My mother kept the secrecy for 65 years and took it to her tumb when she was put to rest at the age of 75. Before she died some priests came to the hospital to try their best to make her to confess, but was all the way around, she asked the priest in charge: " Are you coming to confess your sins you evil man?". Finally, with a very welcomed smile on her face, she added: I feel cold, but very soon I will warm  myself up in the heat of hell where my home is and where I'm going with and extremely joy". The reason I'm writing this is to tell that as a witch you will have to stand along so many times, and if you  are forsaken for those you love and trust, remember Your Lord and King of Darkness is closer to you than you think, just go to the datk and you'll feel the presence of His demons, and at the end of the road the light of a peaceful hell will be waiting for you. We are here to walk this path together, you are not lonely anymore. 
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