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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Nov 18 '17
Tits. There needs to be a thread about tits. The highest caliber tits in cinema..

I'm going to start off with an infamous set of breasts that really do deserve to start off such a thread. 

Phoebe Cates - Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

So what about you? What have been your favorite scenes that sometimes are the only reason you even know their name....

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Nov 20 '17
I figured I'd leave another egg here for Anna.


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Galeazzo62 Member
Galeazzo62 Nov 27 '17
Have any of you heard of a film called "Savage Messiah"?
Owner/Admin Nov 29 '17
Yeah... as much as I like tits this thread could lead to a thread about dicks and pussies. Although my host only cares about child porn and highly illegal shit I do not want porn on it. Tits... okay this one shall remain but should this form into anything other no ways.  I tried this before and it turned into Satanic International Homosexuals. 

Once the nudes start flying next think you know Dar and his gang of body building theistic cock worshipers will appear. Years back they came all at once like over 15 or so of them . Took me long time to clean that up and I had to listen to rituals about cock worshiping . 

So long as the tits stay in this thread cool.

Galeazzo62 Member
Galeazzo62 Mar 30 '18
Good point.
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