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Zach Black Nov 24 '17
THE NEED TO BELIEVE - ZACH BLACK FROM ZACH BLACK'S BLOGSomething I wrote like back in 2010. It is about peoples need to believe and have faith in ' God ' or entities. Some of this can be applied to Theistic Satanist too. But it was not intended for that. 

This essay was also used in a book called ' the satanic bible- new testament.

The Need to Believe – Zach Black | 

     I learned a long time ago it is not worth arguing with religious folk. You can’t hope to achieve much trying to enlighten mystical superstitious weak minded people. Why use logic and reason to argue or debate someone who has a deep rooted psychological need to resist it? It is like arguing the shape of a cloud with a blind man? People have a NEED to BELIEVE. I cant help but to see their “faith” for what it is. A Neurotic coping Mechanism deeply anchored in the character and emotional structure of a delusional and crippled victim.A even sadder fact is these righteous,pious pursuers of heaven will probably never recover.Their entire lives, security, thought process,  logic, reasoning, longing and general impression of the world around them is built on these fairy tales .

These very people push into the trusting and delicate minds of children their very own fears and delusions. If faith based mentality was replaced over night with a rational objective approach to reality, Most of these peoples emotional and mental health would crumble in days.

Faith is rooted in fear. A fear of the unknown. The unpredictable. And most of all the fear of living a life free of their conflicting neurotic mechanisms. That they now are entirely dependent on as a permanent copping mechanism.A delicate house of cards to repress guilt, rage, fear, lust, ect..

If you doubt that it is the fear of losing ‘control’  and letting go that fuels religious fever and devotion consider this question…
Why would Organized Religion launch crusades to exterminate entire cultures, population and races?

They claim they are doing Gods work by ridding the world of savages, heathens, beastly, course, perverse and deviant people. It was to much for the holy to see free and unrestrained happy people half naked not ashamed of their own passions. These ‘primitive’, ‘Godless’  free loving living people threatened to expose the fear and inherent irrational contradictions that their culture, religion and faith rest and depend on.

It was necessary to rid the world of people who reminded them of what it is like to not live in a world based on fear, control, rigidity and repression. The righteous will not tolerate being reminded of what they gave up in the way of life, love and happiness to pursue their faith. Ironically ….They gave up the one thing they claim they value above anything else. The only thing they hope to reunite in some mystical intangible everlasting bless with their Lord. Their very essence, their soul.

It was necessary to burn countless thousands of woman alive simply because they reminded these miserable, impotent men that they themselves once felt alive in their groins. And what could be more murderously provoking than to arouse the last bit lust in some miserable, resigned, hateful shell of a man who longs for death?

The righteous and holy will always attempt to remove and exterminate others who think differently and do not reinforce their delusions. Even others that are equally crippled holy men of a different cloth. After all , what if the other religion is right? There was no clause for that in the gospels? So if they are right, that would make you wrong. And a cloud of anxiety and horror will surely await. There is no other reason or explanation to make light of how even intelligent, educated, worldly and presumably logical well adjusted people could ignore scientifically proven facts that are in sharp contradictions to their faith?

Even Scientist themselves are still spending their entire lives trying to prove evolution is false. That carbon dating and the known age of the universe around us is grossly inaccurate. In the opposition of all evidence and reason they still will not let go of their delusions. They can not. It is simply something they are incapable of doing. It would mean an end to the fictions they have grown depended on to cope and function. A dissolving of the very deep emotional layers of repression and rigidity they have spent a life time building.

Not to mention for the first time in their lives they are unsure of what lies beyond.

If a man of average intelligence reviews the idea of God with a rational objective approach he will come to one conclusion.
God is possible, but highly unlikely.

And one more Agnostic is born. God is nothing but an imaginary friend for adults.

The universal need to believe should be looked at as a mass induced psychosis. A protective mechanism early man evolved after the horror, uncertainty and isolation he must of felt leaving the comfort of the jungle for the open fields towards the unknown. .

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Zach Black Nov 25 '17

Quote from Dread You mean the need to believe in such things as orgone energy or flying saucers, Zach? ;)

Well at least there is some evidence in the existence of both Dread. More so than Jesus face on a dogs ass. 

Quote from AK In all fairness, Reich's ideas regarding sexual potency as a sort of chi / prana are a step in the right direction. He just got a little batty in insisting that it's some sort of cosmic and pervasive thing - but hey! If that's what it takes to get your lady clients to let you finger blast them for "science", I can respect that.

I think that was a rumor. I think that started with people call it a ' sex box' . But who knows. Who cares. Reich was a pioneer ecentric . Maybe he had some far out theories and I am sure some could be debunked. Interesting though that the USA burned and censored his books eh? They were not happy that Reich was proving that this so called fake energy 'orgone' was conter acting the effects or radiation. 

Any guy that can rock this haircut truly is crazy or just could give two fucks...probably both.

IKD why but I can not upload is a link though .


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Zach Black Nov 26 '17
I have most of his books ( popular ones ) in SIN PDF library assuming they still work. Everyone should read the 80 page book listen little man.
Quote from AK

There's actually a lot about Reich's work I like in the vain of The murder of Christ, Listen Little Man, The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety. Hell! I've even given those as gifts to my younger siblings. The Function of the Orgasm was interesting. The Cancer Biopathy, I had a few objections to. I think where he want a bit off the rails was in basically re-inventing vitalism.

Undoubtedly the human animal is in possession of a vital energy. What is in doubt is that it somehow pervades the cosmos.

To your point, though, his incarceration, publishing of books worth burning, being labeled a communist, preaching sexual liberation, as well as his magnificent hair and could not give a fuck less about imprisonment attitude are also important yet often over-looked subtitles that warrant his inclusion in annals “Satanists”

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Pusher Nov 30 '17

Quote from Dread You mean the need to believe in such things as orgone energy or flying saucers, Zach? ;)

Ye of little faith Dread. My UFO is high octane orgone energy. Zach you need to come out with some new material. No offense buddy but you been passing this around for years. Nearly as long as Dread has been passing around his ADM. Both have merit in different ways to different IQ classes. I think I will write something and knock both of your monkey heads together. 

Oh wait here is my UFO uber outta here. 

Thetruthisrare666 Jan 2 '19
Excellent observation, people do need a reason for believing. Further more I believe it is the need for meaning. Think about this, if we had no emotions - wouldn't we just by logical animals. With this we would not explore things like art, religion, and possibly even science. Satanism for example can be inferred to have been created by people, who were emotionally tired of the religions available to humans. 

Thetruthisrare666 Jan 2 '19
I believe it is the search for meaning, that is the compulsive search in humans. 
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