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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 13 '17
...was convincing the world The Big Bang Theory is an "atheistic" alternative to creationism.

Quite simply, It was developed by a Catholic Priest purposely trying to incorporate the same paradox of prior causation, and actually steer people away from the initial "atheist" conception of the universe,  always existing in some form and without need for a precedent cause.

It was an easy sell because apologetic answers are the most pleasing conceptually, as our ability to "go back" stops at the limits of observation, cosmic inflation.

The pre-inflation universe is a non-local cognitive termination shock where observation's influence is null, and any coherent form is an irradiated cat. 

Different rules for quantum potential, workable nihilism, indication of multiverse, or something else entirely? 

* All airfare offers valid. 

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lordbeweismittel123 Member
I haft too say the biggest trick "god" has ever played was convincing people he was the one who was on the side of humans even tho some of us know his existance is not there at all but for me im talking philosophical wise instead of realistically convincing he was on our side preventing us from ever indulging in our natural ways he was the one too prevent us from being truly our selves and accused satan as being the evil one even tho he represents everything that is natural to man and these are considered offences known as sins its sad but true
EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Jul 7 '18
That all living creation had to be artificially inseminated, brought to term and then surgically removed from God's abdomen. I know because I read about this in the Weekly World News.. and that's how the Pregnant Man who delivered his baby to term had to do it.. yup...

here you can read it for yourself if you don't believe me..

 Pregnant Man

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