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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Feb 3 '18
These last couple weeks proved to me I need a better host.

 My host Destroyed the site. Server issue. They did restore it but way back to September 2017.

 Most of the backup files I had made from the host were missing critical databases, a 'bug' they did not realize until it was to late.

Not being able to update this sites platform and plugins because the host did not have permissions and stuff updated. 

And toward the end they were just purposely unhelpful. 

So I will migrate this site in April. I am staying at current host because the kicked me down a couple months of free hosting. 

I gonna migrate to the host FastComent . They cost about the same as I pay now are are very user friendly with my software. 

But do not worry. Done this before. Basically there will be two sites , one no one can see but me and this site. Once new site is built and tested you just point the url to it and take this one off line. 

Anna Feb 3 '18
It's quite bizarre that the tech support of your host should be that inept. Especially when you pay for the service. That free hosting, is that a form of penance on their part?
Anna Feb 4 '18
I'm a tech idiot dude. I wouldn't be able to maintain a website even if it was only about cats. But you can build one for me and I will just post pictures there. :-) 
Anna Feb 4 '18
Oh dear... can't you just do anything for free? Or am I naive?
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Feb 4 '18
@ Anna . My current host is not free. It is just a average for what I am doing. They have been fine for three years but now not so much.
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