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Zach Black Feb 8 '18
I got a few images I need to be made larger. These are for the new shirts. Not sure if they will shrink posting them here but I have originals. 

Also can someone tell me of a free photo enlarger program? 

Actually I found a image program.

I think I just need these images sharped up. 

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Seth Mar 25 '18
Hi! I might be able to help a tiny bit. So - essentially the problem with resizing is two fold: a) you need to pick the right algo , and not all programs support it (photoshop is good for example, the things online not so much and b) very importantly that you understand that unless the logos/designs are in vector format, you can't create information where there is none. So sadly, the 'zoom and enhance stuff' on tv is 100% bs. :)

Anyways i'll stop my rant - i recommend you use - for your resizing need. It's using neural networks to resize and try to 'guess' what the missing pixels are. Ideally though you'd get these image in vector format, load them in illustrator and push them out as TIFF files for printing. 

If you sill need help just PM me! 

Seth Mar 25 '18
OH i just realized you're Zach Black! neat! Well another reason for me to be happy to help - it's the least i can do for you creating this great site. 
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