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Diane Mar 8 '18

Quote from DarkEnlightenment With all respectful fairness you kinda look like you could be a 2nd grade teacher.  Which was the purpose for that example. Perhaps an accountant or veterinarian? I just imagine many having normal jobs 9-5. Like the kind of "I had no idea she was into that" that ends up on SVU. Their secret tawdry sex life takes them into the dark underbelly of society. Next thing you know they end up floating near The Verrazano Bridge with a ball gag in their mouth.  
Yes, I completely see your point. Nowadays, you can't judge a book by it's cover, and I understand that. But, my original point was... That you do not have to be satanic in order to practice BDSM or any other kind of perverted sexual act. My sister has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, and she has run into one Satanist, and she has had a lot of experience! Also, her husband is an elder in his church. And, she's of no religion, and if you saw her walking down the street you would absolutely think she was a soccer mom.   And, she's not Fifty Shades of Grey, she's hardcore... Harder than me. 
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Troll Jun 13 '18

Hey Luciferigratus, thanks for the photo:

> ...is there a link between (perverse) sex and satanism in your opinion?

None necessarily, but yes in a particular meaning. Because conservative Christians demonize it, it naturally falls into the category used in the construction of religious witchcraft (ritual bondage in initiatic covens for example) and religious Satanism (presumably there's Vampire action in the CoS combined with BDSM)

> ...oveturn the sexual christian ethics: 

Well, you're talking about Jewish then Christian and they are actually different. The Jewish women are far less hung up on sex than Christians are, for one, and willing to experiment, in my experience.

> orgies, swinging, bds, etc.

It does go straight against conventional puritannical Christian mores, yes. That's not the ONLY way to oppose them, however. Another is to marry your toaster, or to start worshipping your dog, and create a religious foundation for it they have to respect. Still others would be to start religious political orgs which require gay sex or adopt the song "Fuck Me in the Ass for Jesus" as a national anthem.

> ...satanism is mainly a spiritual path to the light. That's true and I believe it. 

Believe it all you want, but that doesn't make it common or shared. Trying to make a one-size-fits-all and get everyone to agree is PRECISELY the Christian path. Don't bother.

> ...I need something to show my rage.

Now you're talking. I can totally get into that and have done so, perhaps you'll see it in the above somewhat. Make a religion out of burning Bibles. Certain colours of flames for each of days of the week with fluids of flammability to produce them. Construct a religion EXPLICITLY based on Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. This shit is important to Christians. It means "My God will never forgive you and so it will be worthless for me to harp on you to convert!!" The perfect way to do it is to make paintings or drawings of the sucker like they do to Muhammad, smear them with pig feces, and burn them in a ruined church at midnight.

> ...need to die to be happier? 

No, that would be the contention of some of those who lived through earlier times.

> ...who invented that "wonderful" experience called death and {aging}?

That wasn't invented, that's a facet of the natural world. Finding ways to explain the natural world by making up phony shit is what they call "Just So Stories" and this is precisely what all the Creation and Adam and Eve hokum includes. Burn it with yesterday's yard waste. It will only bind up your mind with "belief" like you were talking about above. Belief is really too dangerous for most of us to engage without hurting ourselves.

And yes, i am informed by women i trust that you are naive, that sex workers and porn stars are abused and serving men, who are socially more powerful and privileged.

Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism

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