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To join our network online simply fill out the registration forum top right like any network. This is free for you to use. You are a free user of this online network. Membership is entirely different as explained below. there is no cost or obligation to use this online social network site. 


Satanic International was started  as a YouTube channel in 2009. After a year I saw the limitations of trying to create a networking hub on YouTube. So I decided to create the social networking site Satanic International Network to serve those needs.

Well, after years of success with both the YouTube and network I felt it was time to bring it to the next level. To create an actual organization of like minded individuals world wide. A world wide cabal if you will.

I have seen countless friendships and relationships forged here in real life. I would like to see more of this grow and flourish. Certainly the network and internet in general is a useful tool to use for meeting others. The organization Satanic International is intended for the more serious users. For those looking to meet others in real life and participate in organized events. 

Here are a few key points to our organization.

We are critical thinkers here. We put logic and reason above superstition and mysticism.

We do not believe in imaginary friends or wishful thinking. We believe in the application of will, desire and talent to achieve our goals. There is a sense of brotherhood and comradery among are members.

In the not to distant future we will be appointing chapter heads around the world base on their geographical locations and abilities.

Although Satanic International Network has been around for over five years, Satanic International organization is very new (2014). Should you wish to help form the organization now would be an ideal time to become an official member.

Once again, official membership is not required to use our network Satanic International Network. The network will remain free to all users ( except me ).  For the more serious users here is what the organization Satanic International has to offer its registered members.


All of this is optional and can be selected according to your whim.


  • 1.A membership package including card, certificate and a letter welcoming you to the organization.

  • 2. Your desired name on the ROSTER ( LIST OF MEMBERS ) of official members should you choose to. Whatever name you want to go by is fine.

  • 3. A member tag on your avatar on the network.

  • 4.A private group/forum for members only.

  • 5.VIP statues at up and coming events.

  • 6. Access into the chapters that are forming now.

  • 7. Ability to better promote your own stuff on the network.

  • 8. Hefty discounts on merchandise we are creating now.

  • 9. More to come.


To become an official member of Satanic International you need to go through a few steps.

1.Send a request to

2. Fill out the questionnaire I send you.

3. Send the questionnaire back to me.

4.If approved send me a mailing address for your membership card, certificate and papers.

5. Send 25 dollars to my Paypal ( Donation button ). The 25 dollars is required for several reasons.

  • a) To weed out the less serious people.
  • b) To cover administrative cost and shipping.
  • c) Up keep for the network.
  • d) My time to process all this.


Enjoy your stay. If you are approved contact Zach Black if you would like to become more active in the organization. 

                                                                               SINcerely, Zach Black

** The blank spots on the certificate is where your name goes and my signature.**


This is the list of registered members.  Not all registered members are listed. 
Some wish to remain anonymous and are listed in no particular order.

Just in . As of 10/2018 the certificates will look like this printed on a heavy matte card stock . 


A star * denotes a chapter leaders

Click HERE  to see the roster list of members 

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Aug 31 '17
Just a bump for new users. Membership one time fee of 25 dollars is used for your membership package and to keep this network up. 
Kerry Lynn Member
Kerry Lynn Nov 4 '17
I have sent you $25.00 to become a member of SIN. I would like to be listed as Kerry Lynn from Ohio. Please let me know if you need anything else from me for the membership. 

Also, Dread is being a ass again. I am just trying to find out information. I have tried blocking him but it doesn't seem to be working. He still comments on my posts.

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 11 '17

Quote from Kerry Lynn I have sent you $25.00 to become a member of SIN. I would like to be listed as Kerry Lynn from Ohio. Please let me know if you need anything else from me for the membership. 

Also, Dread is being a ass again. I am just trying to find out information. I have tried blocking him but it doesn't seem to be working. He still comments on my posts.

Dread is just testing you. I will send out your package on my next day off. I try and wait till I have 5 or more .
Crystal Support
Crystal Nov 12 '17
As members of SIN what can we do to help the network, bring more people aboard that are sincere in their lifestyle as Satanists, and who do want to meet up and network, explore ideas and topics? What is a good way to support the network other than sending donations? I would like to see more interaction here and am willing to spread the word if that's cool with everyone. 
Crystal Support
Crystal Nov 15 '17

I get what you're saying, however I would like to see SIN thriving even more so. I have my own personal reasons for seeing the site become even more successful. We all want something, however I am willing to put the necessary time, energy and effort and if necessary finances into it to see things manifest more rapidly. I'm not saying I'm overly impatient, but I want progress right now! 

   And I can already hear the naysayers, "Worry about your own progress." I work on my own shit daily, believe it or not even if I don't post about it 24/7. I like this place, I feel relaxed and comfortable here so of course I want to see it the site doing well. 

Crystal Support
Crystal Nov 15 '17
If that's the case, then I am happy to hear it. Do whatever serves you and your interests best. 
Crystal Support
Crystal Nov 15 '17
I'll take that as a compliment, AK. 
Blasphema Feb 21 '18
how can i send from germany?
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Feb 21 '18

Quote from Blasphema how can i send from germany?
You may want to re-read the post. All the information is there. First thing I nee a email address for you. 
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Sep 29 '18
New certificates are in ! 

Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Sep 29 '18
Very nice . I want !
Misheck Feb 27 '19
I want to noinjand imI'in Zambia here is my WhatsApp number +260973962045 please inbox me and help, I want to be rich and I'm ready to sale my soul for money power and protection even today
Misheck Feb 27 '19
I have been trying to join from 2013 , iIreally love Lucifer 
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Feb 27 '19
You need work power to in stages for dark satan power. You  in the Zambia only can make yearly 4000 quatloos, need to remove self from planets asshole. May need go to South Africa and be like Seether. Sound like better Nickleback or worse Three Doors Down and do dark satan with catchy pop songs. Also can pretend to heal faith sick using crystals and enochian angel chant. Draw marmalade on circles and arrows for signs read by divine dark angle powers. 
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Owner/Admin May 8 '19
Welcome new members Brocifer Alex Temples  and Tina! 
BlackPhilip May 15 '19

Quote from Owner/Admin Welcome new members Brocifer Alex Temples  and Tina! 
Tina is a beast. I'm partial. 
Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams May 15 '19

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black May 24 '19
Everyone who has been waiting for their membership package thanks for your patience. I got some new stuff. Novelty stuff but I got more coming too.  here is what the last few people got . There is a welcoming letter to but ... take my word for it. I got stickers. About five different styles. Right now one sticker is included so you can put it somewhere that will really bother someone. I got one up on the back of a busy bus stop sign one block from my house. I stand out and smoke to watch people trying to peel it off. The sign is about eight feet off the ground. 

And these for the new members 

And the newer style certificate with generation two style card. New style card coming with the current baphomet I designed that is used in the header on the network. Big difference it is plastic like a credit card .

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Obscura TITS
Obscura Jun 8 '19
If Tina joined before me I am hella joining.
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