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Pusher Mod
Pusher May 24
Stickers! Who do I gotta anal prob to get some. Like a lot. Baphomets? Brother Shamus ? Anyone feeling frisky? Nah? Well just remember it was only a dream.

Seriously. I want quality ones. I got great places for em. Tell you what. You got 50 bucks hitting your PayPal today birthday boy. Where I live it is your birthday. So, take it and go get drunk. Actually make everyone buy you drinks and use the fifty bucks to got to Tiajuana Mexico. Go find you a 14 year old tranny slut like your GF a few years back Mazie LaForest? The slut that looks like maybe a ugly boy wearing a dress? Yeah. 50 bucks should do it. 

What do you guys think? Here is one of many pics he/she sent to Zach's friends while they were together.. Don't worry the ones with her penis I am saving for her website. 

So.... is it a seriously ugly slut with a micro penis or a tranny that really needs a women touch? 

Mazie LaForest

I want pics.. too Zach. Actually I am sending you 100 bucks. Fifty for your 14 year old slut tranny and 50 for some high quality stickers professionally made. 

Happy Birthday bro! 

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black May 24

Happy Birthday bro! 

Well.... not sure what to tell you. I was drinking a lot back then.  I get the joke. It is a inside joke. Please try to keep the forums a little more .... professional. If you want to see naked pictures of this ... thing, Just ask her. Half of all my friends have them and have had her too.  

I do get the rub and the joke. I doubt anyone else here will though so .. Where is this website.? PM me. Thank you for the donation BTW. I will put aside fifty for your stickers. I need to know  which ones and sizes. 

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Obscura TITS
Obscura Jun 8
If Tina joined before me I am hella joining.
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