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AK Apr 23 '18
FYI to all affected. 

If you receive an email from "AK" such as the one below please get with me or Zach first to clear up any misunderstandings. 

These emails are from resolutionmatrix156 (Jemor) in conjunction with Gundisalvus (Mauricio) - both of whom have been banned for extorting members of this site in a similar manner.

*see https://www.satanicinternationalnetwork.com/social/forum/topic/1542 

In all likely hood, if you were friends with either of these two such that they have your email address you will receive a similar email to the one below. 

Granted, while I am certainly an acerbic character within the forum, I have no particular beef with anyone but these two. More importantly, do not pay these fruit-loops 

They have nothing on you but what you've given them. 


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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 23 '18

Now that you mention it I did recieve an email.

This character seems to have some "quirks" in his email which suggest a pathology that doesn't quite fit the character profile. That or just gets all his information from the threads of SIN and is retarded. Tis my fault for not envisioning the scenary in which someone clicks "contact" on my blog. 

In any case: 

-------- Original message --------From: "your pal AK ;)" <donotreply@wordpress.com>Date: 4/8/18 12:12 AM (GMT-08:00)To: guitar146@aol.comSubject: [Eva of Darkness] Contact
Name: your pal AK ;)


Comment: what up Eva?

wanna catch a drink later on sometime and have crazy buttsex with me?

please do, cuz i got AIDS and sharing is caring.

zach is sexy, i gave him my AIDS behind at the local gay bar before raping a tranny and stealing meth! XD

lol LoL LOL

sincerely, mr. Crypto-Lunatic!

oh, by the way...hope you enjoy your new chatrooms!, you are welcome. :*

ps: cannis is a cum slut faggot, he luvs my penis! :p

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AK Apr 23 '18
Yeap, this is what they do and why they were banned. 

Crypto-lunatic is the tell It's a term he used for me in a message to Kehenith (which she just forwards to me and doesn't bother reading), and I liked it, so for a stint every time I wrote him I would sign it "Mr. Crypto Lunatic". 

Now you and I have been at this forum stuff for what 5 years? Naturally you probably didn't give it a second thought. These other people, though, they don't know any better. 

They're going to frame it like I'm going after all of his friends. The reality is I'm going after the people who are bothering Kehenith (Maria). Their "friends" from S.I.N. are the only people they have the actual email addresses to. Which is why only their friends or people whose email addresses are easily deduced are going to receive these messages.

My prediction is that they will slip-up when they send a user / "friend" an email to an account that they gave them but *isn't* the one they signed up for S.I.N. with. *after all, no amount of programming expertise can give me access to information from S.I.N. that was never posted here - I'd have to be psychic to pull that off.

Users are encouraged to use critical thinking: I may not be the most likable personality on here; but if I've never had words with someone then I don't have a problem with them.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 23 '18
  I just found all his flawed assumptions humorous.

1. Chat sucks on android, and not even worth trying. So why he'd think I would be hurt by his dastardly "off-white" hat shit and ability to exploit the fortress of Tiny chat.

2. I thought I pretty much made it obvious Eva  =  Machina, Canis and they are a singular continuum of thought.

What he doesn't know is what gives away his absolute ignorance.  If he keeps it up I might make a literary refernce about hunting a captured and released Gundislavus obilvious on a tropical island... Don't know.

AK Apr 23 '18
What I find utterly hilarious about Wiley Coyote & co. over there is that literally everything he tries just back-fires comically on him, and for the exact reason you mentioned: it's what he doesn't but thinks he knows that he time after time trips over. It's fun to watch. It's almost as if he's___ (*chuckles*) cursed. I could go on and on about all the doofy stuff he's attempted and failed at, but ya' know what I find most mind-boggling - the one question that's been driving me nuts this whole time - who the fuck uses the phrase "dick weed" anymore? If I didn't know any better I'd swear I was being stalked by an 11 year old from 1992.
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 23 '18
Character profile complete.

What curses him is the methods he employs. If there's any universal "karmic retribution" it is that passive-aggressive housenigger bitch shit always gets exposed.  This in the way the Witness Protection Programs can't keep rats alive for long. 

If I have the story right he played a classic victim card by initiating the confrontation and then appealling to sympathy on harassment lines when it flipped. The future is foretold for his type. Irony and coincidence is part and parcel to a slow erosion of his self confidence as he faces the oblivion of not being able to control everything, including opinion, in his life. He becomes a Trope. The megalomaniac that points fingers, like when the psycho gets exposed and pride reveals the true self.

The most common thing is self righteous absolution of one's own role no matter what. 

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Albert Resigned
Albert Apr 23 '18

Oh, I got one too. It said this:

Dear Albert,

How are you doing? I'm fragging my work computer at the moment. God I hate doing that. But it beats searching through 100,000 lines of code for bugs! Man, dude, I feel like a cheese aumlet___but I'm too lazy to make one. I think I'll head on down to IHOP while my work computer is fragging. Well, anyway Albert. I'll see you on SIN!

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 23 '18
He seems like the type to intentially make their computer run slower. I haven't heard of anyone defragging their hard drive in years. Perhaps he meant he is going to kill his computer. Maybe it is his sled.
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AK Apr 24 '18
What's really funny is this whack-a-do is convinced I am Zach.  And he probably will be until I send him another picture of me - this time of me and his precious Kehenith post-coital... and even then I'm not so sure his ego will deem to accept such a reality.

Lozer. 3;).

Come to me, oh "zachy-boy" & by your self (if you dare)! But no weapon & no minion, only chicken-shits would do this! 3:).

Conduit Closing. XoXo

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 24 '18
Well, thats what he gets for fucking around with Satan. First it's all fun and games, and then before you know it "you got 8 heads tethered to a string".  From there it's an interactive introspective hell... ;)

He'll either grow a set, kill himself, or become a born again.

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Anna Apr 26 '18
Well, I received like 5 comments supposedly from Zach on my blog. I'm not sure which one of the trolls is doing this but what I find humorous is that they are all sexual fantasies featuring Canis.

Damn. That guy must be sexy.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 26 '18
He is really not. One eye is sorta lower than the other, and the lack of symmetry makes him quite ugly. Sort of like a monkey. And also he's a dumb faggot what gets chased around by the Gerald Scarfe vagina flower. 
Anna Apr 26 '18
Oh don't underestimate him. Honestly, I think he's hot.
AK Apr 26 '18

@DE Symmetry is over rated.

One moral worth taking away from all this is that if you write things like this in order to extort your significant other to stick around

It backfires, and they end up going elsewhere. For instance, with AK; depicted below looking mysteriously not at all like Zach.

Game. Set. Match. Mauricio.

-Mr. Crypto Lunatic.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 26 '18

Quote from Anna Oh don't underestimate him. Honestly, I think he's hot.
I dont think that's ever been said about him. But now that it has, it's fitting that it's said by someone nowhere near Southern California. Is Warsaw like North Park?  Probably not. 

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Anna Apr 26 '18
You know, I'm not very demanding. Like my mom used to say: Any dude a little bit more handsome than an ape will do.

Although I must admit I don't like AK's beard. He looked better without it.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 27 '18

I don't know. I hear the worthless pussy on the left (Canis) wants to be me. He even copied my avatar. Yet, he knows he cant because he's too fat and asymmetric. Sad really.

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