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jackblack29 May 6 '18
Hi, looking to meet other satanists and/or occultists to share similar interests with (philosophy, the occult, mythology, psychology) 
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment May 6 '18

Hello. I am the crazy village derelict, nice to meet you. 

I like those topics. 

Philosophy: What is one philosophical idea you indentify with and how do you see that applying to the modern landscape? Remember, The puppy is like Industry. 

The Occult: You mean like the hidden knowledge of christian superstition?

Mythology:  This one is serious. Favorite mythology and for what reason. 

Mine is Mesoamerica. Simply because The Conquistadors couldn't even christianize it. So it was sort of just, "You give this up or we will kill you all."

Psychology: My favorite part of behavioral psychology is the application of entendre in a social setting. You'd be surprised how often it filters through two levels of conception seperated by command of metaphor and allusion. What say you? 

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Black Goat
Black Goat Nov 23 '20
I m from Canada
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 25 '20
Hey Jack. Welcome home. Make some friends. Eat some acid and we all can unravel the mysterious universe together. :)
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