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AK May 9 '18
Martyrdom granted.

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Owner/Admin May 16 '18
I will add something to this one because this guy and I are friends and have been for a few years. Without going into detail I can say all parties involved version of what happened was actually 90 percent the same. Kinda rare but agreeable. 

It is what it is.. chance were given, fucks were given too. Probably less than 10 people on this network of about 5k have my number. Crow is one of them. 

All I gotta say is social networking is not for everyone . Like any social arena either electronic or grounded there is a expectation or inherent social dialects and considerations we all have or are subject too. Some people regardless if it is expected or implied that you do not piss on the toilet seat at a party will. Even if you tape the notice on the toilet. 

Martyring yourself is classic in the forums. Kinda victim mentality of you ask me. If you are gonna keep saying it over and over that you are leaving, emailing all the current active ladies telling them to leave with you and then never actually leave? WTF.  Shit or get off the pot. 

Final straw was the martyrdom in changing your profile to a avatar saying deleted user and nonsense in a childish way all over the profile,deleting your blogs and posts... that is a slap in my face and anyone who works to try keep the site respectable and its appearance inviting to other potential users. Similar if . . . .  .  .

Fun analogy here and accurate. 

Lets says I through a block party open to people who live in the bavario . A dude you know as your neighbor comes in and has a few beers , talks to some people and socializes. Great right ? Well maybe the dude had a few to many beers or a bad day who knows but then goes outta his way to be disrespectful to a regular for no given tangible reason. When security checks his he walks out ,  spills beer on the couch and says says to all the ladies... '' Hey this place sucks I am gonna leave why not all you ladies come over to my hot-tub party fuck this place. 

And last the dude defaces the mail box to make the yard look stupid. Well is what it is. For the record folks, if you ask for it and become increasingly antagonistic in light of the issue being long resolved...well you gonna get it. 

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