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Scorbius Sep 13 '18
Do meditation. There are Youtube videos, articles, and meditation centers that teach you this where you learn to "observe" the thoughts and not let them irritate or distract you. 

You could also just ignore the thoughts about wearing a cross, returning to Christianity or some other RHP, and not give emotion or energy into it. This has helped me too.
It is not easy, even though it does sound easy. What you put in is what you get out of it. Practice everyday, even if you start for 5 minutes a day.
This is just my recommendation. Good luck! Hail Satan!

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 13 '18
"well what I have done that is keeping those thoughts away is I put on a neck ring and a Sect of The Horned God Pendant and made them so they can not be removed,they are around my neck permanently."

Yup, that's it right there. You hit on the most prolific and widely used tool of self mastery, psychodrama.  For a Satanist this willful psychodrama is the cornerstone of a stripped down visceral approach. It reminds me how those subject to the disease of addiction can master themselves by telling themselves doing X, Y, and believing in Z will help them overcome their own unwanted impulse. 

To speak with ostensive candor nothing says Satanism like learning the power of things that owe their potency to the belief you place in their potency. 

You will learn to train your mind to its own subjective needs. Forcing the experience of everyday events into a personally pleasing and self interested context is key to always making magic work for you! 

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AK Sep 14 '18
Ron, that is creepy even by my standards. What the ever-loving hell, man. Seriously. Best regards, AK.
Ron_Man_Pan Sep 14 '18

Quote from AK Ron, that is creepy even by my standards. What the ever-loving hell, man. Seriously. Best regards, AK.
why do you say it is creepy ?
AK Sep 14 '18
Because it is is why. It's a hop skip and jump a way from collecting children's toes.
Ron_Man_Pan Sep 14 '18
why do do think that it is a jump away from collecting toes
AK Sep 14 '18
you said do do.
AK Sep 14 '18
Ok. Real answer: Truthfully, I like SoTHG. There's no pretense. Some of the higher-wattage regulars found there way over to that board (yes, I pay attention, I mean, really there's only about 30 of "us" or so - it's not hard to track) but I suspect they'd be the first to say "green dude! it's not that serious" they're clearly just discovering things themselves - that's the whole point, it seems. 

It's never going to be its final form. 

So far as I can tell, they're about a read from "A lamp to illuminate the 5 stages" from going all-out vajryana Buddhism. It's a slippery slope, bud - and I see that happening right quick. Are you that committed? The facial tats are one thing. I assume that has some sort of meaning for you. It's pretty bugged-out, I must say, but it speaks to your character. This guy is about it... whatever "it" is. 

But if I were them, I'd tell you in no uncertain terms to take it off. I'd appreciate the dedication, while reminding you that it's just not a fixed structure. It's an on-going process. One that requires fluidity of thought and fixation. I see what they're doing, and find it "ok". As a child of the 80s I like the voltron motif, myself. It's neat. It's just one of those things that will continue to evolve. Its members are going to read more, study more, and probably look up one day and find themselves miles away from "Satanism" and even what they first started out as.  That's just what I see happening - and that's not a bad thing, either. 

I think committing yourself in any way shape or form to its structure as is totally misses the point, and as a human being with at least some level of empathy and conscience I'd advise against attributing anything of permanence to it.  

Anna Sep 15 '18
The SoTHG is theoretically atheistic and prides itself on being rational but that doesn't prevent occasional spiritual types from joining. Unless you state plainly in the entry questionnaire that you're a theist or, worse, a superstitious fruit loop, there is a great chance that the owners won't figure it out by themselves.

Besides, I don't think the OP is even serious. Probably trolling.
AK Sep 15 '18
OP is hard to read. He's the only person with facial tattoos that I know of that doesn't seem to get off on stabbing people as one should... or maybe he does and is just, like, super quiet and polite about it(?). Seems likely. That's all I got. He's an enigma, this guy. Not the easiest person to process. I haven't figured him out. That's not an easy thing for me to admit. I'm fluent in all sorts of crazy. I study it like an honors student, but this guy... yeah, I dunno - he's on some other level. An anomaly to the anomalous is what he is.

The Sect, I can almost put money on their going "discover" the Tsadra Foundation and it'll be a wrap. Satan will be an after-thought - one left to annoying degenerates like myself to leave the light on for. I would like to meet them, though. I think it would be fun. Their hair looks delicious. 

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Ron_Man_Pan Sep 15 '18
well I did end up changing it,I have a big Baphomet instead
AK Sep 15 '18
I wish I had a big baphomet :(
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