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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment May 21 '18
Reposted from 3 years ago: 

Rodneykingism and Satanism, it seems to be the 'tone' lately. 

"As 'satanists' we must put an end to bullying. It's not tolerable to be a 'chest beater', the 'satanist' must be beyond that petty shit and help another along their path."

We must all be mentors now, and in no way give a false sense of what such a path entails.
The best reading on (The 600 club) is a trip back in time when people still gave a fuck. Long before me, meanness and zero need for PC dribble was expected.

Apart from apathy, what happened? Why has the tone trended towards compulsory kindness?

I get what's said, it's "progressive". I just keep hoping there's something I'm missing. Yet, the answer returns to satanist must be an umbrella term.

I just don't think humans are wired for it, and not solely because its taught. It's those fucking animal traits that man should apparently be beyond.

Face it, bullying is fun. Meanness is fun. Page 6 is the most read part of the New York Post for a reason. It's that high school clique mentality, and it never goes away. Dividing, subdividing, then fighting each other isn't going anywhere.

Its like your pet cat batting around a rat making sure to not let it die before its fun is through.


Noobie McDumbshit (or someone playing that character) makes their first post something like:

Hi, my name is DarkEnlightenment I am happy to be posting among Like minds and since I found Satanism I have learned [insert something vacuous here].

That leads to their buzz being killed and their "new belief" mocked by someone with eyes.

The counter response lately has been:

"why cant you be supportive and seriously challenge them rather than being mean to make yourself feel important."

So if one is to strive towards being truer to human nature which standpoint is more fitting:

That gang mentality, hostility, and fighting is to be overcame collectively...

The above statement is another form of white light self deception that is no way in touch with reality. 

Anna May 21 '18
"Face it, bullying is fun. Meanness is fun... Dividing, subdividing, then fighting each other isn't going anywhere."

Dunno dude. Since 2015 onwards, I've been less and less turned on by "conflict" and attracted towards more moderate discourse. I still enjoy debates but I prefer them filled more with arguments than name-calling and drama. Perhaps, it's because I've had enough of squabbles to get off on or, perhaps, I'm getting old.

I also don't enjoy debating those less intelligent than me. It's not that I feel compelled to stay civil to them or mentor them. It just doesn't turn me on. Ridiculing them doesn't give me any satisfaction. I feel there is nothing there for me.
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment May 21 '18
You are in good company. That seems to be a common progression.  Fucking mid-life. Some buy a sports car, but most start going all zen.

I look at that trend like musical taste. As you age it gets decidedly more eclectic. A hardcore metal head (harping on how most shit sucks) at 22 will be listening to Rihanna by 35.  

It is just too angry for me now, I need more melodic laid back music.

Yeah, it's over.

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nordic_wolf May 21 '18
Hello, Dark Enlightment, what do you think of Devin Townsend, I just see a fucking genious, but I listen to a lot of other musicians as well, because I am a musician myself. What do yoy think of my home country band Ghost, are they overrated or not? I am interested on what you think of this /Greetins Nordic_Wolf
Troll Member
Troll Jun 13 '18
In teen years i was compelled to watch slasher films. I had been protected from the garish gore of the world for a decade or so and hadn't experienced the terror of this type of horror. Now, when my viewing options were my own, for several years i watched film after film of knife-wielding maniacs punishing youngsters for sex and engaging in all the formulaic frenzy analyzed in more mature versions of the genre several decades later.

Round about the time i began actually fucking rather than just dreaming about it these slasher films began to lose their appeal, became repulsive, and eventually completely unwatchable. I still liked horror films, but graduated to thriller-style imaginative adventures like "Phantasm" and science-fiction tension like "Scanners" before expanding my videological tastes.

And this is how it is in Satanism online too. The Teen Years of Satanism online included all manner of boistrous tilting meanie hoping to strip the be-jesus off of all the "fakers" and "posers" and "self-styled" faux-Satanists they could lay their keyboards on, having fun excoriating and lambasting these fluffy wannabes until they cried and departed in pitiful whining. Until all that was left was a half dozen outposts of keyboard Satanic warriors blasting moderators and one another for their inauthenticity and having little more to bring to the table other than veteran tales of better days when men were really men and monsters roamed the interwebs like they should, outing all the fakes and frauds.

Anna Jun 13 '18
So now that all the frauds and fakers and keyboard warriors are gone, what's left?
Amy Jun 13 '18

What do you mean they are gone? What happened?

lordbeweismittel123 Member
lordbeweismittel123 Jun 13 '18

Quote from Anna So now that all the frauds and fakers and keyboard warriors are gone, what's left?
I say Id haft to agree with your first comment anna i also enjoy arguing with idiots its fun and helps me gain confidence
Anna Jun 13 '18
I think you misunderstood.
Amy Jun 15 '18

Personally, I have experienced fakers in here who are not Satanists, they are just men who want to hit on girls.

Albert Resigned
Albert Jun 16 '18

Damn girl. Was up Amy. 

Ever been with a black man before? Hit me up baby.

Troll Member
Troll Jun 16 '18
What's left? Insularism, pot-lucks, and symbolism, on the one hand, or good old fashioned re-embedment and revolution on the other. Distraction for fighting and silly reproduction can occupy the breeders.

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