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AK Jul 27 '18
Open ended (possibly a troll) topic:

In your opinion is Satanism most compatible with liberal or conservative values and why?

In what way, if any, does Satanism assist you in promoting these values?

Anna Jul 27 '18
It depends on how you understand Satanism. If Satan is an adversary, then that would mean supporting the views that are in opposition to the status quo. Such oppositional views are merely a propaganda tool. The problems begin when the bullshitters start believing their own bullshit.
WaeWictis Jul 27 '18
Neither. Stirnerite Anarchism at a minimum; its own ideology, at best.
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jul 27 '18

"Fuck It" is tattooed on its forehead.

Plus, not registering avoids jury duty.

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T. Volt
T. Volt Aug 1 '18

Both follow a path to a false promise: Change.

Satanism sees change.

Anna Aug 1 '18
That is unless you want to manipulate the masses. Who ever won the election or otherwise gained support by saying "I don't give a shit?" You have to give gullible idiots something to believe in. It can be pure nonsense and usually it is. If it appeals to their emotions, that's enough.
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AK Aug 1 '18
I think eventually and sooner rather than later "fuckit fuckit" will become a legitimate political mantra like MAGA - a million times more potent, for all the same reasons, but with arm bands to go with it as well. 

I think this mainly because disenfranchisement is best expressed in terms of volume as rather than nuance, and disenfranchisement is what both left and right and the nine ways to Sunday in between capitalize upon. And who will prevail will be a matter of who is louder and more able to garner the ever decreasingly available commodity of meaningful attention in a reality where the only reason the Jordan Petersons or Ben Shapiros of the world even have a voice worth listening to at all is because reason itself has somehow become "novel" enough to where they can qualify as radicals simply for insisting that words mean things while at the same time inserting all sorts of illogical an unreasonable assumptions as to what "god" and/or "the value of human life" means into agendas that I don't even think they're intelligent (read: pessimistic) enough to wrap their own supposedly highly-educated heads around in the first place. 

It's a veritable soap box derby is what it is - driven primarily by clicks and likes. And one that totally distracts the laity from the utterly absurd cost at which quote-unquote "higher" education comes. 

The question is really if your political values mirror your - for lack of a better word - existential values as a quote-unquote satanist, and if so, how? I'm not asking who or how you voted - just what political values do reflect a "satanists" values, and why.

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T. Volt
T. Volt Aug 4 '18

You get to vote for two things: Authority is going to fuck you with a blue stick, or a red stick. Those are your options.

Satan says, "I'll just fuck you instead."

AK Aug 4 '18
You're not wrong, but I was expecting a bit better from you, my friend. :/ 
Anna Aug 5 '18
To answer your question, AK, the political system that is closest to Satanic "values"  would be, in my opinion, anarchy. The question is whether it is realistic or a pipe dream.
AK Aug 5 '18
I mainly agree, but think anarchy can only work on an individual level. We need suckers footing the bill and doing the law-abiding 9-5, otherwise who will deliver our amazon orders? 

I think in terms of political values, it tends to lean conservative in that the accuser is going to say "stop being such a pussy, you faggot. Rights are not privileges"

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Anna Aug 5 '18
I opted for anarchy because it embraces defiance and rejects authority and the law, at least one that is enforced. All other systems rely on some kind of obedience enforced by the law. Now, whether that could work is another cup of tea. The strife to dominate the weaker ones is natural but in ideally anarchic society any attempt to seize power would be met with resistance.

I thought the conservative values are closest to the Christian values?
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Anna Aug 5 '18
Wait wait. I'm sorry. I wish I could think more before pushing the post button. So here comes the correction.

Anarchy can work only until someone comes and manages to convince others of his superior skills and benevolent aims. The next step would be convincing the sheep that obeying his orders is for their own good and completely voluntary. All of that accompanied with the pressure or outright terror. Then the anarchy will become democracy with the hierarchy, authority and the law and the citizens deluding themselves they are free.
T. Volt
T. Volt Aug 5 '18

The art of Satanism is not only the outcome, but application, how skills are applied to resource to reign in the goal at hand. One who can use ideas as tools to manipulate and craft with some of their own prowess and vigor, compared to say, those who merely conform and repeat. In this way, the political can only apply as a subsidiary point of focus.

AK Aug 5 '18
@Anna. At least you're in good company. L'esprit de l'escalier and just never being completely happy with what I posted are basically the whole of my internet-posting business model. 

I do agree that "anarchy" is the most apparent and easy-to-associate with Satanism "political leaning" - so much so that it makes for a boring case to make. It's too easy. Probably because it is true. Making a case for conservative Satanism interests me, simply because it's a challenging argument to make.

@TV  yeah - that's the no-nonsense essence of the thing at the end of the day. What I would ask broadly, though, is if anyone is willing to make a case for having either liberal or conservative leaning values and is willing to, for the sake of grits and shiggles, explain why they "fit" with the Satanism of their understanding.

T. Volt
T. Volt Aug 6 '18

I can only speculate here, since I don't vote.

Say you're a business man, and you have something to gain: If Red wins, no more feminist bullshit, no more diversity meetings, so you vote Red. Red wins, you also likely get a promotion, but if Blue wins, the company is forced to promote even more liberal propaganda, and the promotion will likely go to someone else. So in this way, you get as many people as possible to vote Red, offering whatever benefits and favours are in your power to convince them that your side is the right side.

Just speculation.

AK Aug 6 '18
Well, ok. Why did ellect not to vote, then? (And yes this IS a troll topic - one that might be fun) How closely related are these sorts of things for you?
T. Volt
T. Volt Aug 8 '18

I don't vote because I don't see any benefit in doing so. My rights as a born American are enough.

As far as being related, no, I don't see any way in which Satanism is either one. Satan like I said, is anti-tribal, and politics is what makes people go tribal. Take the 2008 economic collapse. After that, you saw a large spike in political outcry, demand and conformity. Political interest in general spiked. Now people are batshit crazy over who takes office. The tribal mind takes over, the rational individual mind goes right out the window.

Satan might steer people in funny directions, just for the lolz, but has no real interest in relying on tribal duality, or group support in general.

Satan is both liberated, and unchanging (conservative), but in his own way un-attached to the rest.

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T. Volt
T. Volt Aug 8 '18

I mean, at some liberal/conservative, just doesn't matter:

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Bela Aug 9 '18
I'm too far right to be a liberal and too far left to be a conservative. That's why I vote libertarian. I believe in private property, keeping what you've earned and protecting your right to self defense. I think that people being more open about themselves and living their own lives to the fullest is the most satanic way of life we have. Republicans always seem to want to put God in our schools and government. And liberals seem to always want to take money that's not there's and give it to those who don't earn it. Not that I'm against charity, but I don't think we need the middle man.
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