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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 2 '18

I am actually serious.


This Church is a throwback type of a Christian.    I am reminded of the Absolute Truth Ministries in season 3 of weeds with these folk.  They even have themselves a sick little militant barbed wire covered cross...  What can you say, mega churches are like that.


The crux of that article is this super mega church doesnt like their sheep to drive by that filthy sin.

*Humorous Fact*  - This church sits on the grounds of the former Naval Training Center. The strip club they bought had seen a steady decline since NTC moved to North Chicago.

So here is what I am thinking.  Let's rent a billboard to be placed somewhere on Rosecrans St  between the freeway offramp and Roosevelt St. 

I want to hear suggestions for what to put on this billboard, or even alternate suggestions. It must be FCC compliant, that is the only stipulation.

As a satanist I am allowed to solicit donations or crowdsouce my funding, and so are you.


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AK Aug 2 '18
"aborted fetuses are tax-deductible (there is hope)"
AK Aug 3 '18
"give guns to the poor"
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 3 '18
The first one is better...

Ideally, I want to say, "You can't sanitize society to your sanctimonious liking."

So advocating for guns doesn't accomplish the goal of instigating your average lutheran/baptist/evangelical - who 9/10 times support selectively support THAT amendment..

If we are voting majority rule (9/10) you can generalize the following:

Christians = republican/conservative (unless they are black)

Atheists = Democrat/liberal (unless they are rich)

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AK Aug 3 '18
Jeebuz christ, succinct and profound verbiage is just going to cause accidents - too many people might think too hard and just, like, crash into things. 

We should probably figure out how best to do that - flashing colors / reds and seizure inducing greens and whatnot - all wrapped in a superficially commendable message with sponsored jersey barriers to spare.
What was our goal, again, exactly? I was aiming for something along the lines of loud "crunches" and such. 

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AK Aug 4 '18
I wish someone could articulate how they really think the whole Satanism = anti-Christianity frame of reference is supposed to work. 

You do realize that you are legitimizing Christianity by admitting that it is important enough of a thing to spend your life detesting? that frame of reference is a hopeless trap - believe me, people - smarter people than you are I - have thought this out and rightly concluded that a satanist whose entire world-view revolves around the elimination of Christianity has no real substantive backing. If ever their wildest endeavors succeed it will only be to saw-off the very branch they are perched on. That's just how the math works out. If Christ has no meaning, then neither does Satan. It's not the sort of thing one can just cherry-pick their way around (I guess they can try, but they never last very long)

Now, the "satanist" that lives comfortably in the superficial paradox that presents itself when they admit that JC - at the time - was the epitome of the antinomian and in very hard-to-refute ways Satanic in the truest sense of the word. It's the people who have the wit to reconcile these seeming contradictions that I want to talk to. 

Those who are still hung-up on what a terrible relgion Christianity is just strike me as people who are broadcasting to the world "my parents were divorced and I never came to terms with that" 

No offense. It is a non-trivial circumstance to work-through. My condolences abound as readily as my respect for those who had to deal with that sort of existentially puzzling situation. It's a difficult thing to make sense of, but one that is neither here nor there.

Everyone has got to start somewhere - and I understand that. All I can really "do" is encourage that people think deeper - and be as willing to pick apart their own beliefs as they are others. I think that's the impetus that drives "Satanism" and an impetus that will continue to exist long after "Satan" is even a meaningful psycho-spiritual concept that anyone can even relate to in the first place.

A more intelligent person than I once said "it's a matter of form vs essence" and 1) whoever first said that IS genius. There's no question about that. and 2) I think what happens is that people get so wrapped up in the form and the transmutation of forms that it doesn't occur to them that what they're really grappling with a thing of essence. That whatever the myth was wouldn't and doesn't matter. They'd still be against it as per what the assertion of autonomy and free-will requires. It's just not an aesthetic thing despite how closely it is tied to aesthetics and fashion.

Whatever X stood for you'd be against - because they stood for it or because it offends your sensibilities in some incredibly hard-to-articulate-type of way. this says something about yourself. Expand upon that. Christ be damned. 

I think to make Satanism about offending Christians is, well, almost ideologically suicidal. It just screams that you're not really "about" anything, you're just "against" things (<- yes, that is bait)- and I think people can do better. At least I hope so. 

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AK Aug 4 '18
I'm pretty sure I'll brush it off, thanks. 

What, in your opinion, is a reasonably not-high horse to ride upon? Would it be preferable that one jockey around on mules?

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AK Aug 4 '18
And mind you, by the way, I mean no disrespect. No one is going to get banned because they disagree with me - that's actually not how things work. I encourage people who have that sort of fortitude to disagree with someone who can just delete their account on a whim. 

Those are the types of people I promote. I'd rather work with two of them per year than a thousand of these others confused piss-ants a month. If I'm lucky I might meet one per year, and those fuckers sure as shit better come striding on high horses of their own. Have they no dignity? I accept nothing less and neither should you or anyone else for whom "Satan" is a term that at some place and time was a thing they could relate to. A word that had meaning.

I promise you I won't ban you for disagreeing with me. Quite the opposite. I encourage that! you actually get points for that. That's what satanism IS - to speak truth to "power". 

that's the only way my or anyone else's ideas can be sharpened. You do not strike me as a stranger to riding tall steads yourself, bud. You've already earned points in my book. I encourage you to keep doing that, because with out that there's really no substance to any of this at all. It becomes this sort of fashion show or pageantry that I think people are a bit beyond - and if they're not, then, *shrugs* they're broken, there's nothing to be done with or about them. 

You're dealing with terms that are indescribably profound: "alien" "elite" - and with people for whom that actually means something. The day of the derps is done and the day of those rare few that can keep-up is at hand. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 4 '18
I wish someone could articulate how they really think the whole Satanism = anti-Christianity frame of reference is supposed to work.

I can't answer for others, by reasons aren't implicitly satanic.

This church is breeding a "take back the sanctity of our society"/God Is Not Dead type of warrior evangelical.  In fact their K-12 "academy" takes warrior as their mascot.

I am also an anti-theist and take delight in doing my best to subvert or call "faithful" belief into question.  

I would like it noted, I am an absolute hypocrite. I am pushing my "better way", but in my mind I believe my deferrence to secular rule of law as the dominant control mechanism works better.

Look at the well being in much more atheist countries (35% or higher), particularly nordic ones, even if 60% is taxes.   That is until the Muslims came and told them they need sanitize Nordic culture for Haji consumption, and even the Danish will tell you to go fuck yourself then. It doesn't share the "don't give a fuck what others think, or keep it to yourself if you do" attitude of the Danes.

I am not doing it for Satanism as much as ending this culture of: "changing the world for my subjective better"

The hypocrisy remains inescapable.

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AK Aug 4 '18
I think god is something that hasn't been defined clear enough to begin with. Like when someone says "I don't believe in god" or "god is dead" it's both shocking and also puzzling. Like "what do you mean by g-o-d in the first place?" Are we even on the same page or even the same book? What do you mean by that three letter word? What are you trying to articulate by disagreeing with its validity n the first place? 

I've talked to enough people to understand that they have wildly different ideas as to what that word even means. And not even by small divergences. You can actually go to a church on a Tuesday morning - someone will be there - lord help them and they will have things to say to you that will literally boggle your mind. Try it. Take notes. 

 I think "god" is inescapable. It's a pointer to something, and you are free to re-assign the address of what that points to. I actually think everyone believes in god.I think they just don't agree on what that word even means. Otherwise I don't think atheism exists. I myself am an indescribably egoistical prick who thinks (and probably does) know everything there is to be talked about - but I can't touch the meaning of "god" with a barge pole. It's futile. It's an asymptotic concept for which there has to exist is an inverse function because were it otherwise it simply couldn't be true. 

None of this is for shits and giggles. 

What I'm getting at is that in order for any of "this" to really mean anything, one has to accept the meaning of what it's up against. In other words: if Christianity is so stupid, then why does it still exist? Do you really think that generations of humans whose very life yours was founded upon were just "stupid"? That a thousand years went by and you're the one to is "woke"? that there isn't something more to it worth dissecting? Why are we even bothering to use Satan - a concept you know full well as I do that they invent - as its sort of rallying flag against it. 

If you aren't willing to understand your opponent's arguments you're nothing short of doomed. It won't work. It's been tried before. Countless times. You're only lucky that your POV is tolerated. Try this shit in the desert - see how that goes. You got to come harder than that or you're just as good as crucified yourself. You've otherwise just agreed to wear a kick-me sign and consigned yourself to a martyrdom that is only insofar as it is more convoluted. I like to think "we're" better than that. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 4 '18
I actually think everyone believes in god. I think they just don't agree on what that word even means.

I will back you up, if you qualify my definition of as god.

 Would you qualify the following as a god form:

The devil's wheel... roulette.

Can anyone really explain why while you cannot necessarily know which number will be next, you can surmise after 1000 spins it will be something near 48% red, 48% black, and 4% green.

In life everything seems to want to cancel itself out. The regulator-o-thermodynamic equilibrium. 

Now if you mean a creator specifically, I couldn't disagree more. As the only way out of such a paradoxical existance is to remove a need for a beginning at all.  Just consider what 0 dimensional field might look like. 

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AK Aug 4 '18
I know what you're driving at. I owe you at least 3 tabs of acid and about 5 grams of some racetam or other to really drive this conversation to where it needs to go. *and mark my words, we will meet some day and it will be "cool" 

I don't lean as closely to the statistical as you do. I think it's as equally as useful as it is fallacious. It's a tool. It has no real "meaning" - I have no better way of explaining that. Numbers don't actually exist. They really don't. Number is a thing that mind does. I have no other way of putting that. 

I just don't have as much faith in the numeric as you seem to. I think it's just another language "we" often get wrong and put way too much faith in - mainly because we don't actually understand it.  I believe in crazily abstract things that more or less resonate with "gut instinct" things I struggle to come up with a sort of logos for. I'm one of "those" types. One that insists that if you're going to run your life by the numbers, you sure as fuck better be good with numbers, because you can't just, like, pray to them either. 

AK Aug 4 '18
*sorry - I ignored your question. No. I don't think that points at chaos or "next". The JKs of the world are as bright as they are hasty and maybe their haste demonstrates something about them that words for simply don't exist. I've thought about all of this. Rationally, Satan points to the "why not?" that's just the impulse they were trying to encapsulate. Theologically Satan points to the accusation that because we are made of flesh, or bleed, and have wants and needs or instincts we cannot be divine. It argues against humanity being Ishim. It argues in favor of humanity being a stupid corporeal glitch, and I don't foresee anyone getting anywhere with out first understanding that argument and the validity to it.
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 4 '18

While data doesn't intrinsicly exist, it still very much defines my world. 

I think the numbers are inescapable. There will always be a median to draw through a data set. While this is absolutely a collapse of a wave into a scatter blot, it still follows along conceptually.  

And as much as I try I cant be Neo, I cant remove myself as a creature of equilibrium and live outside this matrix, or navigate through an acausal programmers code.  

Annhilation by opposition is the only god I see woven into the fabric of this universe. Reflective in our little microcosmic environment, reflective in macrocosmic equilibrium, reflective in quantium particle/anti particle annihilation.  Even the loss of ability to perform work follows:

 "It's either a fluke or happens all the time when a universe exists, and this is an extremely long process of energy dissipation."

Like you this is my "gut" making inferences on conceptual bullshit 

To call my view out:

What I cant validate is the initial state, because whatever the initial state is, it can only be inferred. One could and will argue It's a leap of faith supported by non-inherent math. In simpler terms I cant explain the unobservable pre-universe. Suggesting it can only exist abstractly.

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AK Aug 5 '18
I hear you, and this deserves a far more detailed response than I have time for at the moment. I would ask this: how good at math are you? 

And I ask this because I am pretty fluid numerically. I struggle when it comes to Calc 3. Linear algebra (matrix transforms, not linear equations) is about where I'm comfy. Differential equations excite me because they're nothing I ever would've thought of on my own. I respect those types of minds who look at that sort of thing and just shrug - like it's self-evident to them. And what those people do is also shrug and say "it's just numbers, dude". Some of these people are Christians. Christians who are really good at math. They don't even see any sort of conflict. They're just like "god has nothing to do with measure - you can't paint the scent of a rose" 

It occurs to me that maybe you're just putting your faith in math without actually understanding it well enough to explain why you put your faith in it. (no offense)

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 5 '18
Thanks to things like wikipedia I do not need to know how to math to understand the concepts. (Pre-cal/trig, btw).

Example: Me and Superstring Theory

My lack of math would hamper me if you asked me to express why  "higher dimensions" are mutiversal possibilities expressed though compactification. 

This thing:

There is no way I could express the above as an equation without cheating.

X = ( w + dd' ø)^m/w^m

Unfortunately I dont know fucking shit about differential geometry, so i just have to assume this is an accurate step in transposing the above manifold into a differential equation.

I have only the similarities in appearance or purpose. I know what each zoomed in "ant on a balloon" dimension expresses, and they say that's a picture of it.

It's like Zarthustra's Ape of math knowlege.

So you are correct, I have faith in the people that went to school to solve these equations are correct when they solve these equations. 
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AK Aug 5 '18
That's a perfectly reasonable thing to have faith in. At the end of the day the shoulders of giants applies even to those who may actually be giants themselves. It fringes on the no man is an island type of thinking that is as is true as it is exceedingly difficult to reconcile with a topical understanding of Satanism's insistence upon radical self-sufficiency. 'But that's a whole seperate bucket of worms to dissect.

What I am mulling over, though (and basically just thinking aloud about here) is if math provides unerring truth at the cost of being utterly silent with respect to meaning. That meaning comes from some other quadrant entirely. One whose primacy I do at least consider.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Oct 26 '18
*** Update ***

While the motivation for this bipolar idea fizzled out relatively quickly, 'something' heard me.  

As soon as the old 'World Famous Body Shop" sign came down this took its place.  *or* Just became more noticable. 

* For clarification: The picture show/sex emporium in the foreground, "Les Girls", is not the strip club in question.  Luckily, I'm not the only one sick of sanctimonious bible thumpers trying to sanitize the freeway terminus (society) so their thousands of parishiners won't see the 'filth'.

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