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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 12 '18
Temporarily I will not portray such hatred for this country or its people to do an actual opinion.

In the news Hurricane Florence, like Floyd before is about to test Wilmington, NC with catastrophic flooding and strong to severe winds. 

With this bearing down the President, like Bushes before him, will get criticized for emergency management response. His response to Hurricane Maria was made to stand front and center.

In defending himself, and calling people unappreciative (which is valid) he said the thing that makes me cringe. A sentence fragment that says it all. 

“...totally incompetent Mayor of San Juan.”

This is the type of guy that would be a mob informant after getting popped for a kilo of heroin.  The type of person who never admits when they are at fault is the type of person that gets a nice smile added in prison.  The "anything to save themselves" variety. 

Sad Fact: Service personnel have to swear an oath to a guy who is not fit to be their Commander and Chief. 

Now you may counter: He is forced into it because people despise him so much that he has been on the defensive his entire administration. Who remembers Kenneth Starr? Have standards shifted in two decades? Cum stains no longer an issue? 

It is indeed true all politicians do scapegoating in some form, but there's a pragmatic subtlety to political spin. Watching Trump is like calling out a closet homosexual and watching him punch the wall in total denial rage. Pure ego on their sleeve reactionary posturing.  Is someone speaking their mind that identifiable?

Who the fuck saw endearing anything in this punk? 

Dishonor will be his legacy, because that's what always happens when someone loses the ability to see their own actions from the objective. 

Sorry Mr. President but your will to speak cleary exposed too much.

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AK Sep 12 '18
It's a grab for the 51st star. Imperialism. It's the only system that works. 
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 12 '18
That was already progressing when Trump was a still shady capitalist employing his border wall leverage. The District of Columbia voted for statehood as well, and PR could be by 2025.  They want to be imperialized. Except all the ones in Puerto Rico that boycotted the 2017 referendum...
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AK Sep 12 '18
Trump isn't running this, though. He's the precious puppet the *cough cough* Kefka Palazzo's of the world *don't look at me* want and need. 

He's the younger brother or brave-stupid boy you send onto the ICE first. 

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