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AK Sep 13 '18
For all potential new users registering for this site, here is what to expect straight from AK's crooked mouth and hideously cleft lip:

When you register there are two - maybe three - things that must happen.

1) You need to fill out your profile. I don't care if you say "I'm a Christian looking to convert others to Jesus" - those types are welcome to get their heads caved-in and the shit kicked out of them here as much as anyone else. It's not an initiatory exam, it's just there to let me know that you're an actual person and not a bot. Subsequently profiles that list "asfasdfs" as their religion will not be approved. They will be suspended, or if I see enough of a similar pattern, simply deleted. It's just a mouse click for me, and yeah, I am that quick. 

2) You need to verify which ever email address you used to sign up for this site. You can create an email address solely for the purposes of signing up for this site. I really don't care. You still need to verify it, though. 

3) age. 18 plus, please. If you think you're an exception, then learn to lie. It's not hard. 

If you can manage these very simple things, chances are you'll be approved in a few hours. 

Other notes: 

-bots - we get a lot of "fullmoviehdi" they get suspended off-rip, as does anyone who puts the same hyperlink more than once in their profile. Expect an email listing your reason as suspended "Spam". If you have actual warez to peddle, we do not discourage this, we just ask that you try harder. Maybe take a moment to introduce yourself.

-people we've suspended before. Maybe try creating a new user name / email address? I'm not that picky. If you're willing to take the time to come up with a new account, I'm willing to let it slide and see how it pans out. Stop bitching at Zach an I to let you back. Alternatively buy a membership directly from Zach. You will be approved immediately, and it will basically immunize you from my scrutiny. You get diplomatic immunity, and really, really have to try hard to get the boot - like Lucifer Crow levels of ass-hurt. Pay to play. Is this fair? no. But then again, neither is life. 

The rules for approval are lax and the time-to-process has never been shorter. On the flip-side, though, pissing off the regulars without sufficient credit to back-it will get you the boot in near-real-time. 

No doubt, there are trolls and people who seem to be able to get away with anything - I can assure you these people have been around a very, very long time and are known to me. It's not favoritism. Play your cards right, and you'll be counted among them. I don't actually "know" these people - it's not as if we're drinking buddies - but I've seen them in the trenches for years and know their works. Take my favorite Nicaraguan, Albert, for example. Dude is legend. If you don't understand the back story, shut up and pay attention. 

This is not a "club". If you hold your own, and speak truth to power, you'll fit right in. If you're just learning - that's cool too. If you're just here to date and meet other people - that's also cool - as long as you're up front about it. 

If you're looking for people to join your coven or whatever___ eh___ that's a grey area. I, even speaking with my mod hat on, don't condemn or condone it, but I have to caution the other users to avoid these sorts of things - because even I have morals and a role to carry out. Meeting up and exploring the world is one thing - it's what we're about - the whole I in S.I.N. 


We're about that life. See you in Disney Land type status. 

That's largely what this place is for. It is social networking, not MENSA. Still, the meeting up and socializing is best done between individuals who have no pretenses about it - pizza, coffee, beers, casual sex - that's fine. Summoning Cthulhu? good fucking luck. Samael? You're talking to him for free. He's not all he's cracked up to be, I swear. 

The culty stuff only gets a pass and a marginal one at that. It is allowed to flourish so long as there is a certain element of professionalism about it. Just remember - I'm not responsible for what the users of this site wrap you into. They are agents acting upon free will as are you. Choose wisely and if it comes to your attention that someone is going off the rails, contact either myself or Zach and we'll look into it. Even so, you are still responsible for who and what you get wrapped-up in. This is a hub for Satanists, and if you think Satanism is, like, some sort of beacon for only the most lofty and honorable types, you've got some painful lessons to learn in store for you. When in doubt, tread with caution. Neither Zach nor myself are responsible for other user's content or motives. There is no "we". "We" speak only for ourselves while allowing all types to speak freely for themselves within this venue. 

Unlike Facebook, your PII presence here is unrecorded. Sold to no one whatsoever. It is a speak-easy. This is the whole "why" behind coming here as opposed to joining a group on FB. If you were smart, you'd have figured this out by now. In time, more people will. With luck you just might be able to steer them along and have compelling conversations with complete strangers without the least bit of apprehension. That is the goal of this site. If you make an issue of yourself, you can bet your sweet ass we'll evaluate what you've said to our members. Otherwise carry on, carrion - there are bigger fish to fry. 

So that's it. Fill out your profile, don't be a bot, don't piss off our pre-existing membership, join in the discussion, do get your dick wet or pussy hammered, make it a point to go places you haven't been before, and you'll be fine. 


We're what you've been looking for. Scarey as it is. We've been here a minute. Tick tock. In or out? 

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Anna Sep 14 '18
"No doubt there are trolls, and people who seem to get away with anything..."

Actually, the trolls have a really hard time here as they often get accused of being Zach's arch enemy, Female Satan in disguise. And the funniest thing of all was that poor ONA troll who got banned for the dick Dread posted. Probably, because she dared to look at it. Nothing to see, you know.
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AK Sep 14 '18
I do know. I am the epitome of nothing-to-see schlongs. Ask anyone.
Anna Sep 14 '18
When you come to Warsaw, we will see if there is anything to see. Just in case I will take a magnifying glass.
AK Sep 14 '18
You will need it. We can do with out the rubbers, but make sure you bring that. Anyway, kitty titty, there was a point to this thread and I'm going to lock it. We can start a new thread about my Irishness anywhere else, but this has got to stick. Gaping a-holes, noobs, and virgins alike - the rules in the OP are the law of the land. 
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