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AK Sep 15 '18
There are at this time only about four tags that mean anything:

Member - this is actually the most meaningful tag there is. You get a certificate and some really fancy stuff to go along with it. Fun fact: Members get carte blanche. I don't get to ban them, and I have to ask real nicely to see them naked. They're a protected species. 

Support - I don't actually know what support means, but I know they're important so I don't fuck with them. It's a Zach thing. They're also a protected species. I don't know the rules of that game. I do know that think you have to be smart and know Zach personally. I do know that the tag is purple, and purple is a really cool color. 

TITS(!) - that's something I hand out to those equipped with tits. I am sexist. In theory you can be a dude and get the TITs tag, but you'd have to be one incredibly convincing trans. It hasn't happened yet, and I don't see it happening any time soon - but by all means, give it whirl. Otherwise, the TITS tag is totally arbitrary as a dog humping your leg. You have to rub me the right way on a certain day. It's sort of like "member" but a degree or so below. You want the Member tag. TITs just means AK likes you for whatever reason and that you probably have tits.

MOD - I almost forget what I did to earn this. Oh right! turns out I'm really good at computer programming and stuff like that. Scary good. I restored this site from a back-up that even the hosting providers couldn't do a damned thing about either because they were morons or Ukrainian or both. Probably both. Whatever the case, you can argue with me. I won't delete you on a whim. In fact I encourage those types of conversations, and if you're a dude I might even make a NUTs tag just for you. The only things that get you banned are 

1) crazy talk i.e. the world would be better off without humans - seriously go kill yourself. 

2) bothering / stalking the other users - that won't fly here. Oh and Mauricio! Hi. I know where you live. Don't test us. She's not even in the picture anymore, but you, yeah - you're going to get hurt. Call the FBI. They can't help you. I know where you live, and I am goimg to steal your teeth (yeah I said it)

3) maybe I just don't like you. Some of it is that, but I promise you that's a really hard button to push. 

4) theism. I am hoping and praying to hear from one sane theist. I've been at this for over a decade, and have yet to meet one. I don't think they exist. Prove me wrong. 

5) Setians. You know he's a fed, right? Fuck that guy. I hope he dies tomorrow. 

Owner - it's the guy who owns this place. The owner. You can call him. He's a pretty sociable person. 

We'll probably make other tags. I like the idea of a male equivalent to TITs. I also like the idea of a dude earning that tag, because that would be something! I think "NUTs" would be best. 

The other tags are "booted" I don't use that one. It's implied by virtue of not being able to log in. There's some other ones. But Member, Support, Tits, Mod, owner - those are the only ones that matter for now. I'm mulling over a male equivalent to TITS - but you have to stand up and out for that sort of award. I encourage this. Set the precedent. 

Edit: sorry, I forgot, Chapter heads. Step up your game, please. Ya'll niggers be slacking. You can do better and you know it.

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Anna Sep 15 '18
Support tag is for the people who regularly support the network financially.
AK Sep 15 '18
Oh. That's sort of gay. Can you help me kick these "Chapter Heads" into gear? There's only one that's doing anything (Lutz) Do you want to be a chapter head? You really just have to tolerate downing fluids of your choosing with a random crazies. It's not a hard job. 
AK Sep 15 '18
Other news: there's now a NUTZ tag. First person to arbitrarily earn that was a Pinoy. His tits are amazing. I expect great things from him. 
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Sep 15 '18
Lets talk about it AK. I am in support of the tags to identify the senior users and the predominately active users. I kinda support the TITZ and NUTZ tags if they are to identify and distinguish the users who regularly post thought provoking and stimulating content too. 

What happened though last time we tried this was in conjunction with the ' assassin ' tag. Everyone started competing for that title. Before you knew it everyone was ganging up and beating up on the new-be's. 

Idea has merit id properly used correctly. I wish we had a way of counting the posts of users. I think people have some sort of counter in their dashboards. Maybe when they hit a certain amount of posts they can screen shot it and once verified when can give them the appropriate tag. 

If that will work then I say .......   TITZ! !

eine kleine nachtmusik bouncing boobs GIF

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AK Sep 15 '18
Assassin is so faggoty, bud. We're not doing that. If I need to stay up all night and talk peeps off that cliff, I will. Smart fucker? Great. Good writer? awesome. Got snark skills? Excellent. 

You know what gets points IMO? Actually meeting up. Putting yourself out there. It's not hard. Eat pizza, drink beer, hold hands. Realness. I like the counter idea. I really do. But all I have to go on is my eyes. This dude's from the Philippines. Have you been to the Philippines. If you like Trump, you'll love Duterte. That guy's a maniac. 

I had a point. Going places and stuff like that. For example, AK ends up in Poland for some weird and probably cat-related reason. Or this other dude who literally just back flipped his honkey ass out to Romania. True story. 

If you want, I can probably do the dashboard thing. I think it's sort of "meh" because then we end up encouraging people to just post a lot, and that's been tried before at 600C. 

Truthfully, I'd like n00b to come up in here, hammer this place and get rewarded for it. I'm waiting on one of those types to get hella points.  

Alternatively, the titty owners can actually call me. I'm not that hard to get a hold of - provided they have tits. The dudes__ eh, I dunno, man. I think we need a Female mod, because I am bias. Very bias. 

EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Sep 20 '18
So how do guys qualify for the nutz tag?

AK Sep 20 '18
I gave it to a Pinoy (at mahal na mahal ng kita ang manga pillipino - that's a really fun place to visit, but it takes a special breed to thrive there) who has these really amazing tits. You can see he put some serious effort into that. 

I'm thinking women who already have the TITS tag get to vote-in who gets the NUTZ tag. I say this because I am bias. If it were up to me, there'd be nothing but women prancing around here, but I just don't see that going very far.  

So I'm going to leave it up to the three chicks with TITS tags and the other two who don't want a tag messing up their profile pic (Anna and my scarily literate Nicaraguan boyfriend)

If the dude's hot, he gets voted in. Message me, and I'll take a look-see, and if you're right, force myself to concede that someone is more attractive than me. I also feel as if such a set-up might teach me a thing or two about___ what's that word?___ humility. 

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AK Sep 20 '18

^@Zach. My thoughts on the post counts are this:

99% of the time, I'm just bored. I like to write. It's a thing that I do the same way people smoke cigs. But even I get sick of seeing my face posting every other topic. 

If you want, I can do something to record post count. It's do-able, but what happens is that it encourages quantity over quality and we've seen that effect elsewhere. 

The only thing works is a "go look" attitude. Walk the floor. See who's bothering to make an account. Talk to them. See what they're about. What issues they deal with such as to lead them here of all god-foresaken places. Try to make things "fun", because, let's face it, if you found your way to "Satanism" you've (or at least I have) probably spent a fair amount of time staring at the ass-end of some pretty grim things about life itself. That's lesson 1.

And I really, seriously do, want either a female Mod to keep me in-line - one who has the time to put into this - OR females to have some sway. For the exact same reasons women never have to pay to get into after-hours clubs. It drives every system. It will be a cascade effect. Let's try it out for a month, and if doesn't work out I'll consider it a $100 bet lost. If you want to build something - this is how, and yeah, sexuality has more than a bit to do with it. Sexuality is everything. It's why we even exist. 

It's TITS and NUTZ.

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Sep 21 '18
Okay regarding the tags and titles I think we can do both. A  counting system does encourage the special ones to gun for numbers and quality gets put on the back burner. II thin k maybe try a combination of senior colors and special tags that even a n00b can get. The latter is most appealing for the simple fact as it will encourage fresh and stimulating ideas. Us ancient gargoyles have seen and read nearly all the topics related to Satanism. I would actually like to hear from teens their overall  impression of what we call ' modern ' Satanism. I would like a female mod to. It si important to have a at least ONE woman around. I wish Lexi would comeback. 

AK Sep 23 '18
That works. 

Quantity:If the leader board mentality (gunning for the highest post count) drives a certain type to generate quantity over quality content, that's still opportunities for others to interject with their own, possibly higher quality content. 

Quality: I also think the tag / color system as means of demonstrating rank and has merit. The idea of rank and a means of displaying rank is pervasive nearly everywhere one looks. Sure, we all know it's only a forum, but dominance hierarchies are equally as applicable to the digital world as anywhere else where people interact. It's just the way of the world. 

Was 600c right to remove that component? It doesn't seem so. 

Just by observation: in your average Dojo, you start off as white belt and progress through whatever system of belts it happens to employ. It's typically not until you reach black belt that you start thinking "the colors don't matter"... except they did once. Thinking that they mattered is what got one to the point that they realize they don't. Not every one has 25 years under their belt. Recognition still matters to a certain type, if only to assure themselves they have a handle something. If all the black-belts just up and decided "ok, no more colored belts", attendance will plummet and quickly. 

On that note, you mention a good point, too: we've probably been exposed to every conceivable n00b topic that there is and are definitely a bit jaded. The options at that point for one to take are: remain jaded and eventually burn out, hash-out an evolved (if not wildly objectionable) application of the principles. In either case, it's all got to start somewhere.

I concede I am highly authoritative and severe. I think a woman, just by nature, would exhibit more compassion and mercy for the occasional slip-up.

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Anna Sep 23 '18
Just a little bit of explanation to set the things straight. The 600 Club didn't remove the blue color. What happened was that Xear demoted the people who were nominated by Fnord and demoted Fnord himself. The reason was that Fnord didn't consult the nominations with anyone. That inevitably led to certain people becoming asshurt.

It's not my circus and you and Zach will do what you want. After all, it's Zach's website. But, in my opinion, all the tags and titles based on supposed merit are superfluous and lead to unnecessary bullshit drama. There is nothing more silly and pathetic than a group of pretentious morons patting each other on the back and voting each other in and out of the cool kids' club.

Also watch out who you give a moderator status to so that you don't have a headache later.
AK Sep 23 '18
I'm talking before the Fnord thing - slightly before my time - when Yellows were still a thing. That seems to have marked the hey-day of the site. Incentivization and recognition, no matter how arbitrary, works. It's easy to scoff at when you know you're that good, but chances are there was a time between when one first started out and having gotten that good that a person looked for it.

I think the cool-kids club voting in back rooms is pretty gay, and what lead to bullshit drama; still it is the only solution there is when you don't have a mechanism in place for likes and ratings. SIN, fortunately, does. It's not a perfect mechanism, either, there will still be some bias, but it allows the user-base to speak for itself. 

For example: I might think some poster's ideas are pretentious, pussy-footed, and stupid, but that's really up for his audience to decide broadly - not just a few people with the right tags.

And, yeah, I can see where the second Mod thing shouldn't be handled too lightly.

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