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AK Sep 17 '18
I travel a lot. Did you know that about me? You should probably know that about me. I'm probably one of the most mobile creatures you're ever interacted with. Don't be jealous. The act of travelling is... it gets old. Home sick days and sea sick nights. So what does AK do for fun? Throws himself out into the world like a dart. Why? He doesn't know either. It's usually sex-related. Sex or chaos. Normally the latter. Fine. It's mostly chaos. 

I'm a fan of disrupting lives. Encouraging disparity. Breaking up marriages. It's fun for me. Don't hate me. I don't do it with any sort of malicious intent. I'm a poet. I just happen to write poetry with, like, lives. That's my medium. It's nothing personal, and if you think that I come away from this unscathed and scott-clean, I don't(!)  This is not a game. I get brutalized regularly and predictably almost every month. Do you know what it's like to be said good bye to monthly? I will tell you. It's not fun. To be told that you're actually the worst thing ever to happen to someone? Also not fun. 

That there are literal demons "out there" - there are people who have actually chosen hurt and hell. And it is those people that I leave the light on for. Because they are like me in their manner of alienation. 

This is who we are. This is what we do. 

The one thing this isn't is easy. you sport "Satan" you better be willing to pay. If you're doing it right, it's going to hurt and it will feel very, very cold. Cold, cold. And also very bright. Colder than anything you can touch. Like the way IVs feel when nurses stroke your hair to sleep while anesthesiologists put on their radio voice...  if you've been there before. It goes up, and then it goes down. Through your actual veins. Inside of you. You gasp to complete and (hopefully) sterile strangers. You count backwards from ten and never get past seven. Five is as far as I've gotten. I made it a game. I never won. Then you wake up really thirsty without normal clothes. It's very cold and very bright. You end up blinking a lot and thirsty. Then you learn what stitches taste like. You vomit your own blood. They don't prepare you for that part. Voluminous and copious amounts of it. Lots. But after that, you're basically invincible. Serious levels of solitude is what happens there. And then it just it reminds you that not even your parents are there. That it's just you with these needles in your arm and tubes in your nose. And you learn what it's seriously like to just want to go home - "home" "home" - you either understand or you don't, but if you DO - you have my sincerest condolences. And you learn this at a very early age. But they hook you up with an amazing drip that somehow manages to make you sort of forget... vaguely. Somehow you manage on your own. With stitches. Not a victim. A product. Just a thing - a clot! - a child in a robotic bed for whom visiting hours are over.

(@ 2:33 belt that! Those are the truest words ever spoken or belted or whatever. It'll be fun. I'm never wrong about that sort of thing.)

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Devilsadvocate666 Nov 30 '18
I don't hate you or judge you I actually admire you being upfront and saying it like that. Travelling is a lot of fun me too did a lot of travelling hope to hear more from you soon thanks for your input on things.
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 8 '18
AK... LMFAO! I think I love you. At least I could for a night. LOL. Mwah!
AK Dec 8 '18
It'll be the best 3 and 1/2 minutes of your life!
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 12 '18
Bahahaha! Oh, come on... You can do better than that. I think I had one guy drop in about 30sec flat. Twice!
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AK Dec 12 '18
I can probably cut it down to 25 seconds if I'm allowed to close my eyes and think of Bjork. 

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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 12 '18
So long as I can think of Bjork, also. 

No, actually, my girl crush is Drew Barrymore.

Albert Resigned
Albert Dec 13 '18

I like this one from Bjork [why does she sing like she's tone deaf?]:

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