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AK Sep 28 '18
The Book of Satan III 7th statement reads as follows:

(From Might is Right, reportedly)

"Hate your enemies with a whole heart, and if a man smite you on one cheek, SMASH him on the other!; smite him hip and thigh, for self-preservation is the highest law!"

When I read this, I've always thought it should've left well enough alone with "SMASH him on the other!" and just ended it there. Full stop. Everything after that is a bridge too far. A silly, silly bridge too far.

"Smite him hip and thigh"? Wait, what? That's just weird, man. How do you fight? "Give him a wicked charlie horse! Punch him in the legs! and the butt while you're at it too!" it may as well read. 

Then it goes on to exclaim "for self-preservation is the highest law!"


Is it, though? Really? Self-preservation? That's the highest law you can think of? If that's so, then why even leave the house? Why do anything fun or that might get you hurt? Why play sports that risk injury? Why join the military? Why venture into the world, see new things, meet strange people? Why do literally any of the things that make life even worth living, if the highest law there is is self-preservation? On that note, why even fight back if a man smite you on one cheek when, if self preservation is the highest law (rolls eyes), it'd make more sense to just run away and call the cops. 

It's a goofy non-sequitur, this "self-preservation is the highest law" non-sense. 

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Albert Resigned
Albert Sep 28 '18

Apparently you've never been kneed in the thigh! When someone rams their knee into your upper frontal thigh hard, it not only hurts like shit, but it paralyzes for at least a minute. There's a major blood vessel there.  

This video will explain a lot:

AK Sep 29 '18
*snickers* correct, I've___ never been kneed in the thigh. I'm trying to picture a situation outside of kicking the snot out of little children where that might happen.
Albert Resigned
Albert Sep 29 '18

My dumb friend in junior high told me once, before science class started: "I have something to show you. It's cool." I said: "What?" Then he rammed his knee into my right thigh. The whole leg went numb for a couple minutes. I almost cried. 

It could happen in real life: kick boxing, where you kick your shin into somebody's thigh very hard... but that's pointless. If you shin the guy's knee, you can break his leg at the knee!

Hail Satan!

AK Sep 29 '18
My poor, poor, handsome, Nicaraguan; your "friend" was an asshole. :(
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