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Brother Shamus


Perspective, and I always thought this was a cannabis reference. Humorously, this song explains itself when considering what; Colombia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Thailand all had most in common in the 1970's. But yeah, we're so hard off in this horrid western civilation with our rigged voting machines and corrupt police.   Rip, legend. 


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Cornelius Coburn
It's so good I'm gonna put it here as well, plus it's also what I'm listening to right now.

Brother Shamus

I don't need to be a global citizen
'Cause I'm blessed by nationality
I'm a member of a growing populace
We enforce our popularity

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Phil_Lopian Jan 10
You're Asian if you can sing along to Chinese Melodies:

Brother Shamus
A derogatory word for a Chinese is chink. If you take the last letter off chink you have the word chin. Which goes great with: 

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Cornelius Coburn
Resolution, just get in the car and drive while listening to this.

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Cornelius Coburn
So many nice girls here, the beauty is overwhelming.

Phil_Lopian Jan 13
Esta bideo tiene muchas jainas:

Si tu no conoces Xuxa, tu no sabes nada!

Brother Shamus
Nah, too autistic and rooted in comfort zones to listen to things not from the 90's that I've heard before. 

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jan 13
Fugazi Waiting Room 

Cornelius Coburn

A couple hundred on Klipsch PC audio from Best Buy, and maybe close to a couple grand on home audio with a receiver from New England Hi Fi...

I wanted to make it rhyme, it didn't workout although I did try, so, I don't know what they put in the Charger, but damn, that's pretty good too.

EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Jan 14
My current fav

Cornelius Coburn
Beauty C., Beauty...

Cornelius Coburn
I put up such beautiful music. These last two are definitely going on the next disc, I got room for one more.

Cornelius Coburn
This goes well with the other post, you really need decent computer audio to get the most out of it though, and everything else.

I know, there are those who could care less about music, it takes all kinds, it really does.

Phil_Lopian Jan 16
I'm listening to this person rocking the electric guitar:

Dark Enlightenment
Has oído hablar de Rodrigo y Gabriela? Muy bien.

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Dark Enlightenment
A well known movie theme on a flute! 

Phil_Lopian Jan 18

Quote from Dark Enlightenment A well known movie theme on a flute! 

Phil_Lopian Jan 18
Extracting blue radioactive metal from bananas:

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