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Dark Enlightenment
A PSA about Canadian "Trash Panda" hyperobesity. 

Cornelius Coburn
Right you are C., here is one tree, that will never fall, in any forest.

Phil_Lopian Jan 23
I thought the Beetles did this:

Cornelius Coburn
Here you go C., your 'other' comment made me think of this one.

Dark Enlightenment
I prefer this one about Southern California: 

Fun Fact: When the area know as "The Big Bend" has its expected corrective movement they are predicting 100 miles of surface rupturing, most likely from the Windmill area (Dessert Center) towards Palmdale. A lesser know fact about earthquakes is it's not the distance from the epicenter but distance from the surface rupture.  Because the LA Basin is a bowl of Jello the greatest damage, just like in Northridge will be areas prone to liquefaction, especially around Central LA, and The La Brea Tarpits.   

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Phil_Lopian Jan 24

Quote from Here you go C., your 'other' comment made me think of this one.

Thank you C :) That was actually a very nice song. I've never heard this one. It's true. It never rains in Southern California. But it has been! 

Cornelius Coburn
- ISIS - EESUS - Queen Of The Abyss -

Cornelius Coburn

The 'other' Queen Of Darkness - the boundless one whose essence emanates of the infinitesimally small.

- Nuit(the night)

Cornelius Coburn
- Embrace The Silence -

Cornelius Coburn

Go fry your ass.
Dark Enlightenment
A better composer than I could ever dream of being. Go dunning-kruger effect! It's grounding in the end. 

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Cornelius Coburn

- Composers -

I never became very familiar with the traditional composers consisting of the typical ensemble, although I am able to conjure up some pieces to my liking with a bit of effort.

Offhand though, and far as motion picture soundtracks go with more emphasis on the 'contemporary' (for now) there are a couple that (effortlessly) come to mind.

This is one of them; don't ever recall hearing these pieces nor seeing their associated counterpart, but did have a listen earlier and debated some as to whether or not they were (at least) adequate enough for posting...

I believe so, perhaps the kind that continues to grow on you with repeated exposure.

These also go well with the Ruger Super Blackhawk that I've been lugging around for protection as of late. I really would hate to be forced into using it in a hurry though with no headset...

Only one time at the range I made that mistake, never again, unless of course my life depends on it, hopefully never.

Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jan 30
Fond memories of playing this many years ago as lead trombone in a kick-ass low brass section. Listen to it in its entirety and enjoy the polytonalities that most folks cringe at. Persichetti had it going on!

Vencient Persichetti - Symphony #6

Cornelius Coburn
It feels as though each piece is a portal to a whole other universe where assimilation is a process to be continued another time.

Cornelius Coburn
- No Time - Solving The Problem Of Infinite Regression -

Cornelius Coburn
The Quote Of The Day gives me an excuse to put this one up as well. This track has a really good feel to it.

Cornelius Coburn
- Fire Is Good -

- Fire On High -


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Dark Enlightenment

You know everyone, Islam still hates us. We need less concern with Q-Anon or Q-LGBT more concern with Al Qaida! Remember how patriotic and united everything was? Flags on flags with more flags. No triggered liberals burning them to be transgressive against their country or triggered conservatives brandishing them to reclaim their country. 

This is nostalgic now.  It's a song from 1987 predicting almost The War on Terror some 15 years later (which is when this fan video was made), which is now nostalgia in itself. 

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