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Cornelius Coburn
It's been quite a day today; it seems fitting.

Cornelius Coburn
For your thoughts...

Aborior Translatione
Better punk rock..

MatthewJ1 Jun 11

‘Music for 18 Musicians’ by Steve Reich




I love this piece – this sort of minimal repetition is so moving


‘The Inner Mounting Flame’ by the Mahavishnu Orchestra




‘The Rite of Spring’ by Igor Stravinsky




Wolfie Jun 12
When I just want to smile, I listen to J-Pop, and when I'm in an exploratory mood, I check out J-Pop that appears in anime. This is my latest find.

Cornelius Coburn
Into the Saturnian darkness of a Saturday Night Special...

Wolfie Jun 14
If I were pressed to name my favorite bands from back in the day, it would be these two. I regularly tell Alexa to play them.

Cornelius Coburn
Give me silver, blue, and gold, the color of the skies I'm told, my ray yay yayn bow is overdue...

Cornelius Coburn
Yeah Wolfie, we got some of that loaded up in the mp3 player, fully loaded now, that's nearly a thousand tracks that we can take with us, much more than in the old days. So I'll part with this one and go finish with the car.

Cornelius Coburn
Monday, Monday, Moon Day, after Sun Day, KISS : Occams' Razor to carve away unnecessary bullshit.

Wolfie Jun 14
A recent find. A more modern band that reminds me of Rush a little.

Aborior Translatione
Speaking of Rush...

Las Claypool and Primus are doing a Rush Cover Tribute Tour.  

And it makes me wish it didn't take until I was 30 to appreciate it. So this is the closet anyone is gonna get now.

Cornelius Coburn
There was this kid I used to play pool with at the Eagles Club who always requested this when I was loadin' up the jukebox, of course I like it too.

Cornelius Coburn

Speaking of 'faggottry' and the Freudian ego and since I am testing the limits of my internal musical library, why not get into some of that 'stuff' that might normally be filtered out, you know, the stuff that "deep down inside you don't talk about at parties..."

But first to pair the Jack Nicholson quote with a cameo...



I know you are 'acting' like a guitar player, but c'mon Jack, you can do better than that.


And then pertaining to the quote...


Wolfie Jun 16
Today my daughter and I were listening to Maroon 5 on Alexa. I was surprised at how much we both enjoyed it.

Cornelius Coburn
The Cars - Just What I Needed

Cornelius Coburn
O.A.R. - Hey Girl


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