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Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jul 1

Meditating on this rainy day. 

Jakwob - Fade

Cornelius Coburn
At least the temperature there is agreeable. I just walked to the store and it wasn't pretty, plus the rotary is a bitch. I'd much rather drive around it than try and walk through it.


Anyway, it's good to be back in the company of the AC's once again.


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Cornelius Coburn
Been raining all fucking night here, but it does feel as if it is on the verge of letting up though.

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Cornelius Coburn
Another quick rain song while it's on its' way out.


Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jul 2

Local H - April: White Belt Boys

I keep forgetting about this album. It fucking kicks! I've seen Local H, in all it's forms, for a total of 23 times in my life and still counting. For half of that, I followed them around the country and got to hang out with him numerous times. 

Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jul 2
Scott Lucas is such an amazing musician. Probably one of the most underrated. Everyone remembers "Bound For The Floor" and "Hi Fiving MF." The rest goes unnoticed by most, except for the aging, loyal following who eagerly awaits every tour and release date.

Local H - PJ Soles

Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jul 2

Local H - Hands On The Bible

Brings back memories of my much younger years and hitting up the older folks to sneak me drinks at the bar.

Cornelius Coburn
The thing I like most about all this music, aside from the accompanying stories. Is that I've never heard of it, or at least am unfamiliar with it.

I get around to sampling and acquiring some of it once some of the more pressing issues are resolved. I did do a MASSIVE music search a little over a decade ago to complement my internal library, and aside what you(and others) have presented here it's one of the few resources I have to augment my musical experience, miss bachelorette, thank you :)


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Singende Säge
Shit 've been to

Cornelius Coburn
The Magical Mystical, I Mean, Mystery, Tour


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Cornelius Coburn



A day in the life, let's call it a Victory


Cornelius Coburn
Focus - Hocus Pocus


Cornelius Coburn
Delusions of death as a mitigating circumstance.


Cornelius Coburn
The Pink Panther


Recently I stumbled on this song by this band. Other than my interest with Satanism and the occult, I used to have an interest in the goth subculture when I was pretty young as well. Goth music was never really my thing though.


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