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Enigma-01 Jan 12 '20
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jan 13 '20

An album they fought the studio to do.  Concept albums were already considered a thing of the past 44 years ago. Now just prog rock does it, otherwise they are dead. As is Neil Peart and that sucks. In a fucking world of hacky forgetable icons that fit an image, hit the target demographic, and fade to obscurity, having never even written one of their own songs, a musician that can do it all is a rarity. On point lyricist, composer, and percussionist in a category of talent reserved for Him, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Danny Carey, and Mike Mangini. 

This is the saddest one since Dime. 

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jan 20 '20
Tenacious D - 

DeadManAnimations Member
DeadManAnimations Mar 8 '20
A Night In Texas - Heathen

[Satan] You dare stand before me Samael, filthy heathen [Samael] I have come to spill your blood And stop your reign of terror my dark lord I'll gaze you in your sadist eyes and punish you for your crimes Satan, did the father not tell you the price of authority? [Satan] I am certain the extent of the power I possess The burning desire that is my being, the feeling of unrest The gripping darkness will take hold, my servant The longer you stare into my soul I, equipped This sword of vengeance for my enemy Butchering the seed of justice in his resting place Pray to me or perish Just like them you will tremble at the sight When I stand tall you will fall to your knees Panic will set in and the fight in you will cease When my corruption calls you will bow your head in defeat And find a sense of calm in the endless screams [Samael] Fragments of my soul change as you speak to me Infecting my very being, burning all who speak my name Now I see, evil prevails over God’s purity [Satan] I am the new lord of life And now you will repeat after me [Samael] I, equipped This sword of vengeance for my enemy Butchering the seed of justice in his resting place [Both] Looking upon such a sight to see The subservient monkeys now lay prone at my feet In worship of me
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Mar 15 '20
Anything AC/DC...

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Mar 27 '20
Okay I deleted most posts here that were a url . If you are going to to make a it has to be more than a url. You can embed YouTube videos and many other which is preferred mainly because it looks better. But, if for some reason you can not figure out how to embed YouTube videos using the buttons above this text you can also create a hyper link again using the buttons above this text. If you still can not figure this out you might need to freshen up on your forum skills. Posts should really be more than a link or a sentence anyways. Things you post in the forums and blogs are listed on the front page and if the front page is filled with links and short sentences it looks like shit. Thanks. 
Agent Mar 29 '20
Since the death of Pat Dniezio, I have been listening to the Smithereens. You don't here them any more.
AlexTheTerrible Apr 19 '20
Iv'e been falling in love with a few albums and songs from the Metal band Soulfly. They're more I would say a traditional style of metal than the modern sub genres of metal, such as Deathcore or Metalcore. Its been a while listening to regular traditional Metal bands since Iv'e gravitated more to those new metal subgenres. 

But Iv'e been starting to like more of the instruments played in the bands musical atmosphere. Here are some songs from some old albums that Iv'e been getting into these past days of quarantine.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 22 '20

Something other than myself...  and then something completely different with essentially the same theme of mindless behavior.

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AlexTheTerrible Apr 30 '20
Been getting introduced to this band by a friend of mine. They're called "Fit For A King," they're a metalcore band. Normally Iv'e never had that much of an interest with clean vocals in music as I once had during my younger years. But I would say they're kinda the exception.

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AlexTheTerrible May 2 '20
Iv'e been in love with this band since I was 11 years old. They're a Melodic Death Metal Band, but their style is different than most Death Metal or Melodic Death Metal bands. Personally, I haven't really gotten into Death Metal or Melodic Death Metal as much during my young Metalhead years. My main musical likings was Black Metal when I was a lot younger. So I personally cannot say that much on the style of regular Melodic Death Metal bands.

This band is an east coast band, their music style is supposedly an influence from hardcore music. Their are a lot of favorite songs that I like by them, I will post a few since I don't want to overwhelm my post.

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black May 5 '20
Bad Religion - 1000 more Fools 

AlexTheTerrible May 10 '20
Suicide Silence-Cease To Exist

AlexTheTerrible May 19 '20
Currently listening to Cannibal Corpse, not really used to the band or the regular death metal style, since I am used to listening to heavier raw emotional music. So far I am enjoying a bit of their albums, this ones a favorite song of mine by them that I used to listen to a bit a while back.

AlexTheTerrible May 21 '20

Iv'e been really getting hooked on this band(chuckle), I thought their music style wasn't for me. I find it interesting of how the band goes to extreme lengths in their music, for the betterment of their death metal subculture. I still like the dark horror style that they put on, both in their music and with their album covers.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment May 22 '20
I nominate these guys for the best Metal Covers I have ever head. 

I also like they dont destroy great songs with screaming and caveman grunting. 

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black May 24 '20
i rocking out to this fuckin guys BRUUH!

Born Satanist
Born Satanist May 24 '20
I discovered this band recently. Apparently they've been around for a bit, but recently dropped their lead singer. This was the best move they could have made, as I think that particular vocalist limited the rest of the band's talent. They released an album in 2018 that IMHO is fucking mind blowing. The band is "Night Verses", the album I'm talking about is "From the Gallery of Sleep". I've been addicted to this album for months now. Here's a single from said album...Enjoy!

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