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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment May 27 '20

Some may define this as stagnation, but in 7 years in this habitat this song has solidified itself to me as a wonderful casting of superficiality and nomos.  It nails the "The phonies" your Holden Caulfield type bitches and moans about. Those who need loving acceptance so much they accept fake versions.  (See all asshurt O9A 'initiates' ever) 

Though I contest Holden Caulfield was an over-empathic bitch.


Smashing Pumpkins - Zero

And it's conceptual follow-up, this one:

Smashing Pumpkins - Eye

You just get the feeling Billy Corgan has "been there" more than even a Trent Reznor has.

To "love" the things others actively avoid, such as isolation, derangement, madness, and emotional numbness. Not needing anyone but you for emotional support. IMO, "beyond human" is to be beyond the things most humans need.  How can you change behavior until you change what you need at the base, afterall. Fuck trans-humanism (metaphorical or mechanical) this is trans-mammalian.  

"Trans-mammalianism"  <- I call that if no one else has taken it. May also be called "obliterating your soul" (cuz souls need wuv), if one were to believe in such things existing.

Repost with each of these songs probably...

Clarification - While the above may scream defeatist copout there is actually beauty. Both songs draw from the well of all those wonderful things that most people shy away from. The second one especially. In the sphere of the RHP you have things as synonymous with god. Basically anything that is warm and fuzzy is of that, and everything that makes your hair stand up is not. 

This speaks to peace attained through the latter. Those exited by the "demonic". 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 5 '20
Okay no more drifting positions that change hourly.  

Let us just call this for what it is. 

All is madness now.. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 17 '20

Where do they come from?  They get made that way by "their story", John.  Now go get shot in the back by a manchurian candidate, you proto-Bono messianic whatever. 

And also this...  Could be prophetic in the end...

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MatthewJ1 Jul 7 '20

Rachmaninoff 3rd Concerto performed by Horowitz and NYPO.

Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Jul 8 '20
Right on.

Whenever I need to reign in my pretentious belief I am anything special there is nothing like actual genius to keep you grounded. Any belief of greatness becomes linear simplistic shit. 

Always ending up at "Well you're no [Any Noteworthy composer here]" 

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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Jul 17 '20

System of a Down - Deer Dance (set to 2020 police brutality clips)

While I don't agree entirely with the lyrics, and even support the job of law enforcement (rather have penal code and 'crime' over doctrine and 'sin'), this still seems relevant...

Especially this adaptation of this song (sorry for the audible protest tracks)..

Now Federal Police intimidating antifa protesters in The MECCA of SJW (Portland, CA) on executive order no less. 

Although they don't seem to be "peaceful loving youth", they seem to be "we want to burn down police stations youth". They could also try spitting on cops and calling them, "black live killers". And maybe there is justification to take a hard line. 


Rioters Storm Portland Police Precinct; Feds In Unmarked Cars Arrest Some Rioters 

The latest attack began on July 16, just hours after police dismantled the so-called “autonomous zone,” dubbed the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory (CLAT), located in Lownsdale Square across from the federal Pioneer Courthouse, FOX News reported. 

After clearing and closing Lownsdale Square and nearby Chapman Square, officials had fences installed around both areas, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported. 

Later in the evening, hundreds of protesters gathered at Laurelhurst Park, while a separate group of approximately 200 more demonstrators converged on the area outside the Multnomah County Justice Center, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) said in a press release. 

The Laurelhurst Park group took off marching towards the Southeast Precinct on East Burnside Street at approximately 8:20 p.m. 

When they arrived at the police station, they promptly blocked all lanes of traffic and shined lights in the eyes of the officers posted outside the building, PPB said. 

Police used a sound truck to urge the group to “stay peaceful,” according to the press release. 

About an hour later, “the group began making statements about wanting to enter Southeast Precinct and burn down the property,” PPB said. “The group was admonished by the sound truck and told not to enter the property or they would be subject to arrest or use of force.” 

The rioters responded by igniting a blaze in the roadway, while others stormed onto the Southeast Precinct property, police said.

Officers began making “targeted arrests” at 11:40 p.m., and declared the gathering to be an unlawful assembly minutes later. 

By that time, the rioters were attacking police using bottles, sticks, and rocks, police said. 

Officers repeatedly ordered the group to disperse, but most ignored the warnings. 

Police began breaking up the mob shortly before midnight. 

“While dispersing the group, a vehicle associated with the group drove up behind officers, narrowly missing officers on foot and causing an extremely dangerous situation,” PPB said. “The vehicle was later stopped.” 

Police arrested several individuals before “disengaging the crowd,” at which point a “majority” of the rioters returned to the Southeast Precinct and blocked the roadway once again, police said. 

More rioters were arrested after an additional slew of warnings to leave the area went unheeded.

Seems like the local jurisdiction has it covered. Even politely asking protesters to remain peaceful. But a society of sheep incensed by bias half stories have never been the type to think rationally. 

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Kenneth Jul 22 '20
Lately, I've gotten into Nightwish and Jinjer, with my current favorite songs by them being "The Greatest Show on Earth" and "Teacher, Teacher," respectively. I've also been listening to various Eastern pieces of music as part of a developing interest in instruments I'd like to learn but can't currently afford, such as the shakuhachi and erhu.
AlexTheTerrible Aug 20 '20
Been starting to listen to Vital Remains recently, Iv'e really been starting to appreciate the band. So far I am impressed by the vocals and the artwork the band has done. This band has been perhaps the best band on my lists of subscriptions. Interesting enough, the former vocalist of the band is an actual Satanist.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 13 '20
On Alice In Chains first album back (Arguably one of the best) after Layne Staley's prophesied 80 pound Tommy in Trainspotting end, new singer William Duval had a major contribution to the album. This song imparticular.  

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AlexTheTerrible Sep 15 '20
It's been a long time listening to this band, they're a Norwegian Black Metal band. This song is a 3 minute instrumental song, mostly mixed with guitar play and classical music. 

JoshuaVonNoctis Sep 16 '20
Sarah Brightman- Scarbourgh Fair
SkeMatic Member
SkeMatic Oct 31 '20
This actually my new song. Trying to get my name out there. Would love for you to check it out.

Please like, subscribe, and share!!!I would really appreciate it, as I am trying to get my name out there.https://www.youtube.com/...4M&feature=share

AlexTheTerrible Nov 5 '20
Lately I've been enjoying listening to the band Bound for Glory, and their album Death and Defiance. They're a white power band, not interested in the extremist politics, only care about the quality of the music. Personally I rarely could care less of a lot of these white power bands, just because most of their style of music is shit. But I guess you could say that this band might be a small exception through their evolution, I haven't personally listened to their past albums. But occasionally I scroll through a few far right bands out of my own personal curiosity. The song is called Sea Wolf, unfortunately Youtube has become totally politically correct by banning most of the racist neo nazi music, nowadays you have to dig deeper on the internet to access the bands albums. I personally know a place where to find the music ;).

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AlexTheTerrible Nov 11 '20
Been listening to this other unusual White Power band called Berserkr, what makes them unusual is their style of music. It's more of a Metal/Death Metal influence than your average Racist Skinhead Music, which is punk influenced. The Album is "Crush the Weak," this is a full length album, which was produced somewhere in the 90's. The band later split up, they only recorded about two albums in the 90's era. This album isn't your typical Death Metal album with the cave man growls and screams. It's hard to describe the style of it, you'd have to see for yourself. The band was from Oklahoma U.S.A.

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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Nov 11 '20
And as a person it is your certainly your right to share whatever music you enjoy.  It's transgressive because nomos says you can't be racist anymore, so the purest act of Satanism in this regard, is of course posting stuff that will cause a reaction such as mine.

Which explains my politically conditioned authority apologetic Zionist response.   

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HAXYPAHE Nov 22 '20

This one really gets me at the end. Makes my mind explode.

Shygirl - MSRY
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Nov 23 '20
Songs with an associated theme.  Invariably it can only lead to someone's death

Sometimes they even carve "My ELF weapon" in the stock of their rifle. 

And then the cause of the above: 

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