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Cornelius Coburn
Can at least hang out. I did try to message you a while back but it wasn't working.
Cornelius Coburn


Still is the time that is forlorn

Still the spirit to be adorned

Still the night 'fore the day

Still as eternal still as it lay

Still as away

come again

'nother day

'nother way

Still to be born

from the still

'tis the way

'twas born

From the still

it was


Hoodlum88 Jan 25
I am very happy to put to bed what the point of that was in manner that satisfied my questions and didn't require any type of faith.  

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Cornelius Coburn

Burden of Time

And I am very happy to put to bed any confusion about faith when in actuality the primary interpretation should be of emergence from a timeless state, although apparently that is debatable these days with this new Jewish twist on this ever-flowing-vitality horseshit.

Hoodlum88 Jan 26
A demon told me to play this. 

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Cornelius Coburn

Bark at the Moon

Congrads, at least you're in a proper context now as opposed to the excessive reaching and bending over backwards to play the "faith" and angel wing card bullshit, but when left to the devices of a semi ambiguous and metaphorical Rorschach inkblot interpretation your subconscious nudges you to see "angel wings" so you'll have something to 'bark' at, so...

Anna Jan 28
Shouldn't it be howl at the moon?

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Anna Jan 28
When it comes to metal bands, I prefer Nightwish and Within Temptation. The next one:

Cornelius Coburn
I don't know Anna, often times I just grab a handful of shit; throw it at the wall and see what sticks.
Cornelius Coburn

I downloaded a shitload of music by both those bands at least a decade ago. I'm really in desperate need of new music. The Nightwish has stuck with me and served fairly well, but the other one not so much.

I did think maybe you were pulling my peg when positing and possibly pretending partiality to "Polish disco"; perhaps possibly not. I'm not always privy in precisely knowing what to ponder here.

Baphomets' Goatwhore track was a nice addition though, but the musical landscape is redundant and sparse in spicy neo-flavorings. I suppose I've garnered and gone through music like a newborn goes through diapers, and still pushing back while teetering at the precipice of the inevitable, if that's what it is, or just being overly dramatic.

Fuck it, I just get in the car and drive. Lots of driving.

Anna Jan 29
Nope, CC. I often listen to Polish disco. It's not ambitious but I like it. I'm not into metal at all but Nightwish is very melodic. I also love the lyrics.

Within Temptation is cool too. I also find some Iron Maiden songs OK too but not all of them.

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Cornelius Coburn
I'm not into "melodiless" metal much either, but I'd say the majority of it is melodic enough for me though.
Cornelius Coburn

Tongue of Thorns

A dying romance

bleeding for my sensation

Would death unmask

the azure of the creation

Oh stay far

from my crown of certainties

A dying romance,

the blindmans' torch of ideals

Men of stories,

don't try and robe

my morningstar

Cause it will never shine

in your eden

Cornelius Coburn

Dimensions of Existence

Typically when it comes to dimensions of existence it's always the same four that take front and center unless you're talking about some string theory bullshit, but if "dimensions" are to be defined using parameters of depth and measurement then other avenues of existence suddenly become worthy of mention, albeit of a slightly different context, but nonetheless, and fuck it, it ain't like radio stations never play the same song more than once...

Cornelius Coburn

"U know I'll be honest.... I don't remember stuff well! Why you asking?"

You know, when I'd ask my girlfriend a question ninety nine percent of the time she'd also reply with a "Why?", and eventually I started replying to that with "Why ask why?" which is kind of like an eye for an eye.

And the answer is just because I felt like doing something different at the time. I guess that's over now, but I won't be "dreamin'" it

Cornelius Coburn

Among Two Storms

@The Truth ain't so Bad


Mind conjured faerie lore

angels conquering death

lingering ever-present fear

one final breath


None beheld such fantasy

nor lies comforting soul

just truth plain and simple

served cold

Discarded archaic forms

oblivious the norms

false sense the shelter

Among Two Storms

Cornelius Coburn


Boz Scaggs@LidoShuffle


is my beginning

yet I am eternal


is my individuality

yet my diversity bears no limits


is my permutation;

my qualities are infinite

I am all things, and

I am


"One more for the road"

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