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TheOddOneOut Oct 4 '18
Hello All,

I'm pretty new here, so I figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Josh, and I found Satanism a couple years ago. I enjoy the philosophy and beliefs of LaVeyan Satanism, but I prefer to follow my own morals (to just be a decent person. You know, common sense). I feel a little young to be on here, and this is really the first social network I've really gotten involved with, but with the community I've observed over the past few days, I'm feeling more confident. Anyway, didn't mean to ramble on so long. Feel free to message me if you want to talk about anything, be it just friendly conversation, religious debate, or whatever else. I look forward to meeting more of you guys! 

PS. I love jokes and puns of any kind, so I'll leave you with an appropriate one for this site:

If Satan ever loses his wig, there'll be hell toupee

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AK Oct 4 '18

Hi Josh, that was actually pretty funny.

As it goes, "we" don't necessarily have an age-restriction on this site. I've seen plenty of 30+ year olds act as if they were 6, and a few 16 year olds act as if they were 40. We mostly look at maturity - mostly - it gets grey when there's sexuality involved. We only ask that users be up-front about their age when interacting with other users on that sort of level. It just saves trouble all around. I don't want to have check IDs at the door. I assume our membership knows what is and is not appropriate and can decide for themselves what they want to get into. 

You have every right to feel more confident. There are sites out there where words like "epistemology" reign supreme and effete intellectualization is the order of the day...  and those sites failed disastrously because of one simple axiom: "if it isn't fun, then why do it?" 

This is not really a "forum" per se'. It "can" be. But it's mostly for people who already "grok" "Satanism" to meet-up and have fun with it. There's room for serious discussion, but it's just not a priority here. I would defer you to 600c or Order of the serpent for that sort of yawnsville. 

It's mostly anti-intellectual here. Humor. Entertainment. Random insights. That's what flies. Tits. Nuts. etc. If you can make a profound insight on the basis of mindlessness, that also gets points.

We're running a circus here, basically. 

We'll leave the stuffy scholastic whatnot to the other places that do it oh so craptacularly well with their rigorous pedantry. 

Go nuts. Welcome aboard. 

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TheOddOneOut Oct 4 '18
Thanks, sounds like this is going to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it! 
AK Oct 4 '18
It's what you make it. 'Pretty much open-ended so long as you're not, like, looney-tunes harassing other users (there's a bit - ok, a LOT - of *that* - especially in the "theistic" community... they're mostly crazy. I swear. I've seen it all.)

Post stuff, post random stuff, see what sticks - it's an emergent system. If the site "sucks", steer it in another direction. Have at it. 

The stuff that gets people banned are 1) stupidity 2) messianic complexes 3) PMing other users with garbage. IM / PM / is, like, your sacred space. No one wants to get PM'd with bullshit. What goes on in forums is fair game. 


"Hi, how are you, I like your profile pictures" - that's OK. 

"you look like a man" or "can you do magic?" or "Send us your personally identifying info to join our cult" - that's just NO.

Got shit to talk? Grow a pair and make it public. Want to get to know a user better? PM them politely. Maybe they'll respond. Maybe they won't. All I know is no one wants random assholes flooding their inbox with banalities. That's what gets a ban ASAP. The assumption is you're here to meet people and not wade through a mire of private haterade. People can still talk shit, but they have to make it public. Otherwise I get complaints, then I have to sift through messages that I'd honestly rather NOT be reading on the off chance that we have another autistic looney-tune on our hands. (this happens far too often and gets, very, very messy - Satanism attracts a ton of haters, and a fair number of these haters are literally out of their fucking minds! It's no picnick dealing with these kooks.)

Word to the wise: some of these people ARE fucking crazy. Like regimen of klonopin and thorazine type crazy. If you have that morbid curiosity, you're in the right place. It's sort of a mental hospital. Be forewarned, though: these people who are all like "Lady Astorath's most devoted" or whatever literally hear voices - it's not creative fiction or whatever, they're just crazy - it's not the occult stuff a normal person can "suspend disbelief" and "indulge in", no! They live with it every day. Their "Satanism" is a mask for and just another way of saying "crazy". The voices in their heads that don't shut up are the same we invoke and dismiss at will. It's all about "skillful means". They lack these. Keep your eyes open. 

And crazy as shit house rats these people are - insanity was, afterall, once blamed on demons. This is thematically consistent, so it gets "pass" with an emphatic "caveat emptor". The odds of you meeting an actual Satanist in real life are 1 for 7,000. The odds of you meeting a sane one are 1 for 18,000. None the less, keep your cards close to your chest, and otherwise enjoy!  


Also, yes, I am a "MOD" - ignore that, you can (and for the sake of your own sanity, probably should) disagree with me. Disagreeing with me will not get you banned - in, fact I encourage it. The MOD tag just means I have additional responsibilities w/r/t taking out the trash. Sanitation; in a word. "Satanism" draws more than its fair share of "crazy", and I have to make judgment calls between the "cool" kind of crazy and the "danger-to-self-and-others" type of crazy... and it's actually *mostly* the latter. A lot of chaff. Not a lot of wheat. 

Aside from that, I'm just a regular user in what amounts to a user-driven site. It's otherwise an open secret that the inmates run the asylum. 

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