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AK Oct 7 '18

Scamming users. Soliciting minors for inappropriate pictures.

Duration: permenant.

Guys! If a user on this site is not contributing at all to the forums / blog posts / etc and is just IMing you for money or pictures - chances are pretty high that it is a scam. 

This was just brought to my attention today (and thanks to the user who did so - I only wish more people had the common sense you had), but going by her activity, quite a few people have fallen for it, and I can't be in all places at once. If it seems suspicious, it probably is. As Satanists, you should know this. You have to use your judgment. Report these sort of things to Zach or I, and we will look into it. We do not condone this sort of behavior in any way shape or form, however by not reporting it, you're just as much to blame as the perpetrator.  

And yes, we all know Satanism acknowledges that it is a dog-eat-dog world, caveat emptor, etc. but at a certain point allowing for such behavior negatively impacts the running of this venue, and my sympathies will always lie with the preservation of my initiatives above upholding of some abstract principle pertaining to the ways of the world. Allowing for such behavior, while thematically consistent with what Satanism acknowledges and broadly facilitates would be to invite entropy into the system I maintain and would thus be self-defeating. Subsequently, it will not fly around here.

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