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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 4 '18
I am in the process of creating a shirt collection of all 72 Goetia ' spirit' ( Demon ) sigils. This daunting task will take some time but I am close to having the prototype or ' mold ' set. I have narrowed them down to a few and I would like your opinion on which ones you think would go best on a shirt. Be mindful that when creating designs for shirts you need to take into consideration the lack of detail the shirt will show. So, basic low detailed designs and colors tend to print best on shirts. 

Here is what I got. All original* working off the popular known stencils out there . 

Also keep in mind there will be no black background unless you choose to have a black shirt. Background is translucent and will ultimately be the shirt color decided by the customer. For simplicity and for the quaintly dense who happen to be reading this particular thread. 

Also I am using obviously different Sigils as I do not have just one specific sigil ready with all the variable options quite yet. So, please choose with a disregard for anything but the style of the art not the specifics of the particular sigil. 

Oops ....the other 5 sigils will have to wait until I get around to compressing them to under 2 megabytes. which btw happens to be the maximum file size you can upload here in the forums. 

* Zepher sigil is not my design or alteration . 




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AK Nov 4 '18
Although you mentioned the background is transparent, the way numbers one and two happen "pop" on this particular shade of dark grey is pretty neat, even if unintended.
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