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Anna Nov 5
This article is fun:


Am I missing something? When I was a kid, there was no talk about bullying. When other kids teased you, you either insulted them back or ignored the motherfuckers. I don't recall any acts of physical violence. That was prohibited. But calling each other names not so much.

Now there seems to be a demand for support groups for the victims and survivors. Are children now more cruel than they used to be years ago? Or is it mere fostering of the victim mentality? Should adults react when children fight each other, either physically or verbally, or just let them resolve the issue among themselves? Doesn't protecting the weak make them even more fragile?
Brother Shamus
Zero Tolerance and mandatory minimum suspensions for offenders, for our kid's kids. 

Time was the punishment for kids being kids was doled out to whomever lost the fight.  

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AK Mod
AK Nov 5
“Because it’s fun,” she said flatly. “It’s funny! And I like it.” In contrast to the scientific explanations for cruel behavior that predominate in contemporary society, that experience reified my existing belief in the demonic. The act of tormenting someone for one’s own gratification is evil. It was easier to imagine my sexual assailant as a confused and wounded soul who made a tragic mistake than it was to extend that same consideration to my bullies.

^That is some retarded logic she's got going on there. I am certain that if she were to ask the person who molested her why he did it, the answer would be something along the lines of "Because it’s fun, it’s funny! And I like it." as well.

Anyway, children are as shitty today as they were since the dawn of humanity. I think what fosters the victim mentality are parents who insist asinine things such as "it's never ok to hit back" "tell a teacher" or "two wrongs don't make a right". I think children should be left to sort it out on their own unhindered by these untenable platitudes. 

Plenty of times, school mates of mine stated they wouldn't fight back because they'd only get into bigger trouble when they got home. I've always found that baffling. The general understanding was that I'd have to deal with whatever consequences came no matter if I was either being too aggressive or just plain standing up for myself, but on to those there would be no additionally penalties added for it at home.

Anna Nov 5
Children are as shitty as adults. Why should they be any better? The problem is though that many adults still believe children are, or at least, should be innocent. That's some bullshit.

Those children who seem to be bullied aren't tolerated for a reason. I was kind of a nerd at school. I was pretty socially awkward, terribly shy and insecure so I was occasionally picked on. However, I was also one of the best students. There were only three of us. The rest of the kids were rather poor in nearly all school subjects and completely sucked at Maths. So they needed help every time there was some homework to be done or the test was coming. So they turned to me, they even came to my home. Generally, I was accepted, even defended. Some ass-kissing was involved too. From personal experience I know that even if your social skills are poor but you're intelligent, you can get by at school.

It's different if one is a downright retard. They lack social skills and they lack intellectual skills. So they have nothing to offer to the group. It's very important. To have something you can offer to others. Otherwise, why expect any consideration from them? It doesn't concern only children but also adults. All those skills can be worked on. You can't change your personality altogether but you can evolve and adapt. So if you're a teacher and see a disliked child, instead of forcing other children to pretend they like him or her, encourage him or her to adapt, to make some progress.

And as much as it must suck to be raped as a child, ffs, for how long can one dwell on the childhood traumas?
AK Mod
AK Nov 7
I'm glad you mentioned that: "It's different if one is a downright retard. They lack social skills and they lack intellectual skills. So they have nothing to offer to the group. It's very important."

Maybe, quite likely, the grim truth is that it is the bullied's fault. If you're going to stand-out as anomalous in a simultaneously hilarious and innocuous way, people are cruel - get used to. Perhaps this cruelty against the divergent works in a tribal sense the same way the immune system works. 

This is what we are by nature. 

Egalitarianism, individual "divine" sovereignty, all men being created equal; endowed with certain unalienable rights by their creator protects the abstraction that is western civilization. That it happens to protect the weak, tired, and poor is purely incidental - if not wildly ineffectual - when the teacher isn't watching. 

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