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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Nov 12 '18
I have had a rough few days. I'm currently trying to keep a shattered and now segmented mind strait.

So let's continue....

Conspiracy and religiosity are a symbiotic parasites that feed off each other.  Superstition and gullibility the same.

Random conspiracy:  "Project Blue Beam" - The alleged super secret project to bring on the rule of the Anti-christ by use of technological means or something.

Strangely, I had a revelation delivered by a transgender looking angel (glowy winged thing) making a constipation face regarding this very thing. She was floating in the cooridor of a Vancouver, BC soundstage made to look like the inside of NORAD.
 Because it was a dream it may more accurately skim some unconscious web of user data.

Since this dream I have pieced together the following tidbits in a NOT AT ALL schizotypal way.

• Since the MK-Ultra LSD tests and resonant frequency experiments (hertz range most useful) of the 1960's the technology and means have existed to, exploiting theta waves within V1 neurons (frontal cortex), essentially hack peoples minds. Connect and influences.  The digital Manchurian Candidate.

• Currently, and for many decades, across America religion gets exploited.  Secretive Christian groups fighting Satan abound. A glitch prone and malleable consciousness has peddled their folly. 

• There is a purposeful attempt by "psyops" to give the illusion of an extra-dimensional war.

• Currently the sanctimonious are hunting non-believers and calling it saving them.

• Superstition gets clung to like it's the only safety blanket left, and occasionally the Kid responds to his "game of candles" (a commonly used motif) by killing the mother, and then killing her class.

Anecdote: In 2013 at a residential treatment facility I came across one I will call "Jesus Loves You Justin". Little bitch fancied himself a "faith healer".  He would pretend to speak in tongues to, you  know, make people's back stop hurting.  He loved to gush about this group he wanted to join and knew. A group where everyone talks to angels and works with the NSA to kill people that don't worship god as the absolute truth.  His words not mine. It actually sickens me I am not making this up. 

He went on to explain that they were on contingency. They had to 'save' everyone they went after, lest they keep their crusade going. They were getting dirty to remove all non Christians.

I was talking to a real life jape and didn't even know it. It never occurred to him he sounds like a jihadist.

The disjointed ending?

There are winners and losers. There is a non-dual balance that must be maintained lest shadows be kept.

Liberty has nothing to do with your fucking god ostensibly.

Light and dark? No. 

The fractured cannot become one, the two hits the six and it's summer.

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