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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Nov 26 '18
Keep this one short.

I am taking the SJW tag, folks.


Synopses: Trump warns of a massive migrant caravan to validate some build up at border.

Anyone who buys this is a fucking moron.

Jackass douchebag closed a single border crossing, the country's busiest border crossing, The port at San Ysidro. 

Here's what happens the weekend after Thanksgiving. A HALF MILLION  people legally return home one way or the other, the majority from Mexico. You should have seen it on Black Friday, there were 20 minute delays to Las Americas Plaza (outlet mall at crossing)

* For Reference - 90,000 commuters cross on an average day. '500 migrants' you say? 

The border crossing itself is so massively under construction (to modernize the port of entry), or otherwise fortified by freeways and walls, that no one is rushing anything ever.

He used a false dilemma and then created the unrest himself by closing the border on the busiest return travel day and then pointed to his little bitch ass wag the dog and pony show.

The 'migrants' were pissed off citizens that couldn't get home. Basically he sent the border patrol to shoot teargas at holiday travelers.  

Anyway, just felt like calling this shit out. 

I guess the people wanted an overtly sociopathic president with a theme song:

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AK Dec 1 '18
What I find really interesting (though not surprising) about this is that the citizenship of these 500 "migrants" was never explicitly mentioned in any of the accounts I happened upon. 

That they may have been US citizens never occurred to me. Not even for a moment. I like to think I never miss a trick, but this one - if what you say is true - went right over my head. Probably because I have no real sense of what the border even looks like - much less how it operates. This, in itself, is what I find most alarming. 

Still. Somewhat anecdotally: I worked with a kid a while back doing tech support at an airport. There was a critical issue occurring with our networks, and we were "paged" in (this was back when pagers were still in use). We arrive and, no matter who we are or even who at the guard shack knows us, we HAVE to badge-in. 

The kid forgot his badge (in all fairness we were paged-in on a Sunday - it's not like he carries this thing around with him) and rather than drive all the way back home, he decided to jump the fence.

He was promptly tackled, roughed up (to a surprising extent, actually), arrested, and fired immediately.

His heart was in the right place, but___ yeah, part of having a "right" to be somewhere is contingent upon one's having gotten there through the proper channels no matter how inconvenient. 

EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Mar 10
I think its funny, that so much funding is needed to build a fkkn wall to keep out the Mexicans... 

Why not just use the fkkn immigrants to do it? 

Then we wont have any over head as far as employees are concerned...

Oh yeah thats right, we could just sanction the fuk outta good ole Meh-hiccup, and a couple of other little beaners ta squeeze before we are finished DESTROYING OUR WORLD...

Yep yep..

in the future, when...

AK gets buttraped by a bunch a fkkn beaners...

which is why 


we got plenty o niggas in jail, so we dont even need those beaners to build it..hahahaha!!



Dark Enlightenment
Lets just go ahead and call myself out.   

From several TJ residents:

The Caravan was Central American, not Mexican. It actually did exist.

 There were not that many, and they were sorta sold America by others along the way. Like the leaders instructions were to see how many people they could get to follow.

Notwithstanding, it was still an excuse to piss off Holiday crossers.  The busiest Weekend for air travel is also the busiest weekend at the San Ysidro port of entry.  

* strangely you could go 10 miles east to the Tijuana International Airport and pay to use The CBX (Cross border express) pedestrian entry even as the border was closed. 

In anycase... The SD metro area has the lowest Crime and for a major metropolitan area (750,000 +) in the US, just beating out El Paso, Texas.  

There is no crises. Twitter is just people's god redifined now.

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