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AK Dec 8 '18

As a troll you had potential. I would have liked to have seen an introduction first. Lead with something "solid". This isn't amateur hour, you god-damned Jew! We are for real! Representing Satanism live on the internet! It's serious business.

Duration: 1 week.

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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Dec 9 '18
I agree with everything AK just said. Serious
Albert Resigned
Albert Dec 9 '18
Good riddance too. I hate lesbians and all gay Jews.
AK Dec 10 '18
White privilege-ass dyke Jews get no love. 
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Albert Resigned
Albert Dec 10 '18

Quote from Jayden Kang She was a fake-ass Jew anyway. Everyone knows the true Jews are black and not those 'Synagogue of Satan' fake white Ashkenazi Jews deriving from Eastern Europe. Read your goddamn bible to know the troof. Pale skin from the Middle East? You gotta be shittin' me! Jesus was a black man and not one of those Edomite white devils!

I read about the modern Jews being Khazars. Pretty interesting. 

I don't know about ancient Israelites being black though... I'm leaning towards British Israelitism

We could be both right though: There is a strange linguistic connection between the ancient languages of the Celts and of ancient Hebrew... and in ancient times, the Celts were described as being dark skinned or even black. 

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AK Dec 15 '18
The dyke TS'd.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 15 '18
As a severely twisted fruitcake that enjoys playing a lesbian and hates strait women, I applaud all women, even SJW kike ones, which deem males insignificant and unnecessary.

Only you can prevent overpopulation, sterilize the breeders today!

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