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AK Dec 31 '18
*overly tedious and loquacious addendum: 

So I see it like this: for every opinion or world-view, there's a counter-point to that. There's also a counter-point to that counter-point, and so-on. Anything imaginable that exists - no matter how utterly repugnant at first glance it seems or actually is - must have something going for it, otherwise it wouldn't be

This sort of treads on the apparent thrust of what you see with a cursory glance of, say, Aghoris. Death, decay, excreta, the institution of marriage - whatever shocks and appalls the sensibilities - it's still a thing that exists. It's super simple to write a litany regarding anything's foibles, but if you really want to take something apart, the best way to do that is to understand its composition and strengths. 

For the newbies: it's going to take a bit more than just prancing around screaming "Christianity sucks!" (or Marriage sucks___ or really anything else you can shake a stick at). That gets old, and no one really listens, anyway - it's been around for 2,000 years. Marriage has been around even longer. These institutions have fairly effective survival mechanisms built right-in. Its flaws are common-knowledge, and yet it still persists. 

There's an element specific to my spin on "Satanism" that requires really knowing your enemy. Whatever that enemy might be. You want to know your opponent's style, form, and arguments at least as well if not better than they do. In the process, I might find it has something to teach me: that "the devil might conceivably have something to say" - the devil being, whatever it is you're opposed to at that particular moment in time; hiding out, no doubt, somewhere in the details.

So, if I find myself nodding and agreeing with the "right", I'll tune-in and hear-out what the "left" has to say about whatever the contentious issue of the day is, and of course always ask myself as well: "what am I being distracted from by this debate?" or "Is this really an issue? and if not, who benefits by making it so?" The same goes with MGTOW, or even Satanism. Clearly, whatever it is they're on about must be a big-deal. How does that which they are against function in spite of such seemingly solid arguments? Maybe these arguments aren't really all that solid. Maybe it's all lensing, smoke, and mirrors - it and usually is.

And it's also why I have absolutely no issue studying the Bible, the Quran, the Vedas, etc. None of this is as hypocritical as it seems as "Satanism" implies exploring the other-side's point of view. Whatever that other side "is" or has become. Perpetual devil's advocacy. No sooner does one define the "other" than they find themselves right back at square one.

It gets weirdly recursive that, whenever there is a line drawn between good and evil / right and wrong, one pursues truth and insight by crossing that proverbial line in the sand... over and over again. 

To what ends? Wisdom, mainly. And besides, it's fun!

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harley Dec 31 '18
I agree with this completely, i have people all the time tell me im a satanist Because i know nothing of the bible. It is really funny they say that becuase ive studied many bibles. Most of the reason for me doing this is because i love to counter peoples argumentative mentality with something well thought out from your own bibles. To draw someone in and destroy the way they see something is a good pass time for the full time asshole. 

When i was young i was raised Christian then i was pushed into Catholicism. I was homeless for most of my life but i disliked not being able to learn, so i taught myself at every local library in every town. Ive lived all over the U.S, by the time i was sixteen ive seen more death and people trampled just for food than i care to remember. In the long run all these things i was dragged through taught me that people are very animalistic in nature, and i thrived on it, all of it. i never once felt scared of my surroundings i just sat back and watched people for years and years.

Ive learned that there are those who are very easily drawn to a singular life style or religion. Then there are those who learn them all, to create a better understanding for more peace between the people of this world. Then there is people like me that want to learn it all. use it all for my own benefit to create as much mischief as i can becuase it fun to toy with people. I take so much pleasure in destroying peoples unbreakable faith.

I do know that im an asshole, i know im a little twisted, but i love being here on earth its so much fun.

Whats crazy is i dont even have alot problems with others religions.

Identifying with beast. Sins for pleasure.  justified hate........ fuck with people long enough to make them leave the life, religion or love, for nothing.............. priceless!


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AK Dec 31 '18

Best regards on your marriage, things on the up-and-up, etc, etc. 'See you around.

T. Volt
T. Volt Jan 6

I have come to the conclusion that it may be my location. I am not going to say I am "MGTOW monk" because I don't think I could live that way. No pussy forever? That's just beyond. My standards are not that complicated at all, be nice, be healthy. Be sane, be fit. The first one just seems almost impossible to find. I'm sure there is some MAGA girl out there for me :D

I won't hold my breath, but I'll keep one eye on the look out. I still don't think marriage is a good idea for me, but through and through, I have come to realize women just have a particular nature and its a good idea to be free and casual about it if possible.

AK Jan 6

That's the long and short of MGTOW: right observations, wrong conclusions. 

Observation: Women are different then men.

Conclusion: fuck them for not being like we men. 

What those cats are looking for is a boyfriend. 

I suspect it's a small franchise of the same social-media/internet-driven memetic-conglomerate from whence the entire "LBGTQXYZ" "community" arouse. Another tool-in the tool kit to make the forfeiting one's chances of reproduction fashionable. A subscription to evolutionary suicide that comes with a pod-cast, bumper-sticker, and a coffee mug. 

There is "some" wisdom to it, though. Namely that, yes, women don't think the same as men do. But, you know: Here's a tissue; Get over it. 

What kinda of makes this crazy thing called love "fun" IS that it is risky. SUPER risky. You totally CAN lose everything. They're not wrong in that, at all. It's a game. The ultimate game, really, because let's face it: 

You, yourself, are the result of countless generations who have played this game without going all MGTOW and won. If anyone in your entire lineage going all the way back to Adam failed, YOU wouldn't be here. 

Nature's nature: as-is.

There's always going to be some winners and some losers, sure! And no one wins them all. But to just sit the game out on the benches intellectualizing how arbitrary it is everyone on the field is aiming to get the ball in the hole because their man pussy got hurt-up once too many times - that's some other level of I don't even know. Take a 5. Walk it off. 

It just didn't seem like you, dude. I often wondered: name one MGTOW guru that has a thing to teach a "Satanist". I've checked. It's just a bunch of metro-sexuals with a YouTube channel and a history of shitty partners leading a following of mindless incels griping about how they wish chicks were more like dudes. 

(and I also smirk when I listen to "Sandman's" "videos" and think 'my man, that's also what guys do to women, you know that, right?'... which makes me think the whole thing might be a strange meta parody of insecurity - just swap the gender roles, and the content doesn't change one single iota)

Another thing I don't like about MGTOW is that they harp so much about money. It's about the money. For starters, that's not always true, but when it is: well___ yeah! We invented currency to be the absolute lowest common denominator. It's the great equalizer! It keeps things real simple-like - even egalitarian. You don't have to be any one way or another - the greatest hunter, genetically superior, well-endowed - just "get money" - however you do it. Everything else is a plus. The game done got hella simplified - and even to the advantage of those who couldn't hack-it otherwise. It could not possibly be made any simpler and yet these faggots are still complaining! And it's like, OK, if they don't have money to offer, then what do these faggots actually have going for them? "Loyalty?"... pfft rescue dogs are loyal. 


"Don't talk like one of them. You're not! Even if you'd like to be"

Now go out there and get you some.

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Seeker Jan 7
Quote from T. Volt

I have come to the conclusion that it may be my location. I am not going to say I am "MGTOW monk" because I don't think I could live that way. No pussy forever? That's just beyond. My standards are not that complicated at all, be nice, be healthy. Be sane, be fit. The first one just seems almost impossible to find. I'm sure there is some MAGA girl out there for me :D

I won't hold my breath, but I'll keep one eye on the look out. I still don't think marriage is a good idea for me, but through and through, I have come to realize women just have a particular nature and its a good idea to be free and casual about it if possible.

I don't think MGTOW holds in the end because sex is the only meaning of life. 
T. Volt
T. Volt Jan 8
Well, if that's what you believe, that is what you will act on.
Seeker Jan 8
Quote from T. Volt Well, if that's what you believe, that is what you will act on.

No, it's you who are the believer... 
AK Jan 8
Seeker does not English very well.
T. Volt
T. Volt Jan 9
impasse (ĭmˈpăsˌ)
  • n. A road or passage having no exit; a cul-de-sac.
  • n. A situation that is so difficult that no progress can be made; a deadlock or a stalemate: reached an impasse in the negotiations.

I have reached a point where I can no longer relate to people. Is it age? I've always been this way, and I still cannot understand a lot of people out there, sometimes older ones who've been around the block, those are the people I so often enjoy my time with.

Satanism and MGTOW, have like so many other avenues, been saturated with pretentious, child-brained, superficial morons.

Everyone wants to disagree and not make an actual argument.

Like idiots.

I don't know what to say at these times in my life.

There are few I can relate to, and even those, are only met half way. I feel like a stranger in a strange land everywhere, and have grown distant.

You either understand these ideas of Satanism and MGTOW, or you don't.

I am running a current of high voltage. It seems everyone around me is running on static.


AK Jan 9

Here. Satanism is a rorschach test. It's IT - Pennywise. You know? The face of all your fears. 

If that somehow manifests to you as the tyrannical feminine, well___ that speaks for itself, really. It's nothing I'd rep. I'm just saying that's probably not a bag you want to be left, let alone seen, holding: "My Satan is other women" is what this all amounts to. 


You're going to get a lot of "no I strongly disagree"s on that one. This should not be a surprise. 


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T. Volt
T. Volt Jan 10

Reality: Those ink blots are mirrored abstract forms, that's it. Pennywise is a fictional shape shifting villain from another dimension in a very well written novel by Stephen King, and a half assed version of that villain in two poorly constructed film adaptations.

Reality bites much worse than fake clowns:

"Observation: Women are different then men.

Conclusion: fuck them for not being like we men."

I have never seen the above argument made, ever. Not once in all my viewings of MGTOW content.
It goes more like this: Fuck women for trying to take on the authority of men, while simultaneously trying to avoid the inherent responsibility.

I don't argue with MGTOW for making their choices. Avoiding women is logical in today's climate. Too many womnen are programmed with destructive personal traits. Yes men do too, but the point is geared at women because men often ignore these facts about them.

That's one part, however, the real argument is:

Observation: Women are more trouble than they are worth
Conclusion: Quit pursuing women

In my case I am being very selective instead of leaving. A good hand comes my way or it doesn't, and if the odds of staying in the game are shitty, I'm conservative, I'll just leave the game while I'm ahead. A shitty game is a shitty game, and this particular one with women, is rigged.

Difference between me and you here, is that I can in fact, blame women for taking advantage of laws that ruin men's lives. I also blame men who fall for it. MGTOW are saying, take another rout, and don't engage women if they are going to do the things they do. MGTOW often referr to other men, who are also self destructive, and to avoid them. The point of MGTOW is self preservation over all else.

You have to be very VERY precise to change my mind here.

"ball in the hole because their man pussy got hurt-up once too many times - that's some other level of I don't even know. Take a 5. Walk it off."

Except when you come back to it you've got the same problem, and the mistake is going back to it in the first place. That's the bottom line of MGTOW.

There's a difference here. Its not just butthurt, it is in fact, very, very naive and dangerous to get into relationships with many women. "Walk it off" is exactly what MGTOW are doing in greater numbers, they just aren't going back. Should a person continue pleading for approval from the same group of people who routinely treat them like shit, time and again?
Its stupid, self-defeating and retarded. A huge majority of women out there are programmed to, and will in fact, do everything in their power to fuck up your life. I shit you not, they have ways of doing this physically, mentally, emotionally, legally. It is not being illogical, effeminate or cowardice to avoid these kind of women. They will cause you more pain than pleasure, more aggravation than relief.
That is a fact.

You keep calling MGTOW pussies, but have not explained this, only hinted that they are simply unsatisfied with how things are. Are they to be satisfied with a society that only sees them as disposable units? Are they to get on their knees and beg for approval? I'm sorry, THAT is the pussy way, that is the way of tradcucks and blue-pill addicts who can't let go of dellusional thinking.

You say your not buying the MGTOW bullshit, but the real bullshit are people calling MGTOW losers and cowards.

For the true MGTOW who have been through these experiences, I don't see cowardice, but a very rational analysis of the data, and a self-empowering conclusion.

You say its OK for women to take advantage of the law. Do you really want to be around women who would take advantage of corrupt laws and ruin your life? Do you want to associate with women who make those choices? Can someone like that actually be your friend?

The answer, is no. No they cannot.

Say the laws were fair and unbiased, I would not associate with people like that. Fact is, the cat is out of the bag because women have shown their nature. Yes there are plenty of abusive men, but stats are stats. Women are the ones taking advantage of these laws, they make that choice. No one is forcing them. They do it willingly. Getting into relationships with them is like letting a baby hold a loaded gun at me. Not a good idea.

All the great MGTOW channels are mostly gone. Messenger Rising, Spetsnaz (a little depressing if you ask me), Barbarosa, Stardusk, and many others. The new guys are keeping people informed, its what they do in their passtime.

If you can enjoy some activities with a woman, yes, you can sort of enjoy their company. Say I like a girl who plays music, we can play music together, but our tastes and emotions often conflict. We can only go so far on common ground, because honestly, once you get past your sex drive, which is very, very hard for most men, then you come to understand that you have little to nothing in common with women at all. You can attack it, call it defeatist or pussyism, I don't know, I don't care. Men and women are wired different, and act differently. The only humanitarian effort is to recognize that and quit supporting a system that goes against reality, and marriage, much like feminism, relies on pre-concieved notions that everything will be OK as long as you stick it out, because men and women are meant to be together. I don't see this as true as people wish for.

These days, I only want the women I find attractive, and nothing from the ones I don't. I'm sure women think the same to some level. Whether I'm attractive or not, I am no longer going out of my way to be more appealing to women. I know I'm healthy, wealthy and wise, and good looking to boot. Take it for what it is, or move on.

Another point, having casual sex is increasingly dangerous. Realistically speaking, it is very hard for me to find a compatible woman. If I have to spend all this time trying to find one, that's a lot of risk for little to no reward. Some guys think, if you make the money, the women will follow, and if they do they do, but that is also becoming problematic now, what with metoo laws and bills being passed to incriminate men without due process. Laugh it off, shrug it away, but women are doing this all the time to men, it's been done to me several times through my life, and I can say for sure that I am done with it altogether. I've been through enough to have learned my lesson. There is a point where one must look at reality and accept it, that what you were searching for and fighting so hard to achieve was a mere fantasy at best, and a life-threatening goal at worst.

MGTOW are not loyal to anyone if they don't want to be. They're not in a relationship, so what if they're not socially loyal?! The whole point of Satanism is to live for yourself and say FUCK the social greater good, since we all know what bullshit that usually is. MGTOW have done this simply by turning their backs on destructive women and parasitic social standards.

When I say women have a nature and its good to be casual, sure, meet some women, maybe get some, but there are serious dangers to that with STDs. They are no joke. I don't want to get sores and other problems that make masturbation and urination very very painful, and or completely destroy my sexual organs and other parts of my body. This is shit people want to consider because their urges override their rational cognition. I don't do it that way. I, being one to evolve myself, see past my urges and tend to the things that are beneficial to my well being. Yes of course I have sexual urges, and they are strong, but they are in fact managable. This isn't a religous thing, or a political one. It is not based so much on fear as it is rationality. You don't go camping around bears without a gun, and you don't go swimming with sharks without a cage. In this case, the protection, is truth, knowledge, experience, RED PILL.

You get the idea.

Yes, I will keep one eye open for a compatible mate, and fill my life with what capacity for happiness I can. I know you're all about evolving as a person, not lingering in the same place too long, but even though you deny having anything to do with MGTOW, there are simularities to what they are doing. I admit, a good portion of these guys are weirdos and it's obvious that women aren't attracted to them because of it. Maybe they're too beta, undeveloped, crazy, or straight up weird, but, so are a lot of women too, I shit you not.

Being what and who I am, I don't have a lot in common with people in general, and, being a realist I have to look out for myself, and that means I may just have to sail these waters alone for now.

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Seeker Jan 10
The reason why MGTOW is seen as pussies is because they choose to avoid women instead of seeking power and yes they are acting like a male version of feminism. Instead of women hating men then it is now men hating women... 

If you are sexual attracted to females then you cannot just avoid women so easy because it's an instinct and is it not given them power by trying to avoiding them? Women have no power. It's men who gives power to women in their silly belief that they can get pussy by doing what the women want. Females are attracted to the alphamale complex and that's nature just like males are attracted to forward eminent breasts and hourglass figure.


Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

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T. Volt
T. Volt Jan 10

"MGTOW is seen as pussies is because they choose to avoid women instead of seeking power and yes they are acting like a male version of feminism. Instead of women hating men then it is now men hating women... "

Here's that bullshit argument again. Let me tell you WHY MGTOW is NOT male feminism. A few reasons:

Feminism is based on abstract bullshit:

MGTOW is based on reality, data, statistics, real world experience.

Most MGTOW don't want to hate women. They complain but they want to be compassionate if they can. Women on the other hand, are increasingly incompassionate to men, and it's only getting worse.

Obviously you have not been doing your homework.

Men have legitimate, tangible, real dire consequences when associating with or marry the wrong woman, who seems nice up front until a few years after marriage, turns off sex, won't even let you hug them, won't let you near them, turn fat and uncompromising, it's a fucking nightmare, and all these men want, all they ever wanted, was a just one fucking woman in this world to love them.

It's no joke.

"Do not hate the player. Hate the game."

"I'm not a faggot, you motherfucking queers!" -KORN

Let's just cast hate aside for a moment, let me explain to you without hate: Women are being hypocritical, labeling men with all their own mis behavior. The bloated welfare state, the metoo shit, feminism and socialist agendas, all supported by women. That fact remains, hate or no hate. Those things are detrimental to both men and women, relationships and society as a whole.

If a bear comes into my camp, I have to defend myself if I want to live. That bear is going to attack. Feminism is the same thing, its going to attack, and as I said, it doesn't matter, you either do or die.

MGTOW are not attacking women as much as they are informing other young guys and single men the dangers of social conformity.

You either get it or you don't, you either accept it or not. No in betweens.

T. Volt
T. Volt Jan 10

What you people aren't considering, is that there is geynocentrism for a reason, there is an attack on masculinity in general for a reason.

Feminism is set up to attack and curtail masculinity altogether, by using men's sex drive against them, and turn women into a weapon against men. Taking advantage of the dynamic and turning it into a device to cull and destroy, prevent and crimp.

Just look at Clint Eastwood, the guy's a man's man, no? Sure he ain't Arnold Shwarzenegger, he's skinny as fuck, but he's a man!

Now you look around society, you got these skinny jeans, foogley, doogley faggot fat fuck skinny fucking dorky retard FUCK!

ANYTHING but a MAN! Just any retarded mornon fucking thing you can imagine, very VERY few fucking men!

This is a very serious problem that people just don't want to admit, or seem to recognize, or are just too fucking clueless to do so!

See, there's a reason for this emasculation of men. Men are predators. We are natural born killers. The man who evolves his predatory skills, those of hunting and gathering so-to-speak-for-the-sake-of-argument, HE, the PREDATOR, is the most successful man. The most developed, refined, and hardened of men.

There's a reason for bootcamp.

Women don't fight, women aren't built for it, not even CLOSE to the ways men are. WE have that capacity for procurement and protection. Women are the aid, the care takers of children and home. That is our natural dynamic.

When you take away the backbone, when you trim the branches the tree can't fucking grow. When you take away the teeth and claws, you have nothing to worry about biting your hand.

When you take away masculinity from men, you take away the challenge of rebellion.

I don't know how to make this more fucking clear to you people.

Seeker Jan 10
But then we do agree that feminism is the cause of these troubles? 

Women today are shaped by feministic propaganda since childhood. Feminism indoctrinates girls to think that only by become like men women have freedom. Feminist and socialist agendas are supported by men also. I have encountered a lot of male feminists.

T. Volt
T. Volt Jan 10

"But then we do agree that feminism is the cause of these troubles?"


Maternal instincts over logic. THIS is why women can't be trusted with too much technical and physically challenging things. This is what men are built for. Women get too emotional and irratic to deal with shit, especially social issues because it sets their emotions off like out of control wildfire and they can't focus like men on certain topics!

The humanitarian thing to do is to see these differences and let men and women play their natural roles, but, let's face it, women always have a desire to control men. Women also know very well what they are doing in that attempt.

"Women today are shaped by feministic propaganda since childhood."

Yes, true, and this is not a fad, it is not going away, it will take cutting off the life support of feminism, namely female authority, and then re-educating people on all the facts that feminism never taught them, and trying to reverse the damage. You cannot do that with women having authority over your life, over things men need to. This is why men are opting out, so that these crazy women cannot have power, since their only real playing card is sex. Once that card is tossed aside, they have zilch.

The feminist guilt shaming tactics only work for so long, and even the tradcucks are waking up to the illusion, and a lot of guys out there have gone MGTOW because there is no other alternative, you're not going to just change these women's minds over night just because "feminism made you do it". There's no "its all better now, you're not brainwashed anymore"

These women are to blame, and so are their supporters, cucks, politicians and corporate goons, teachers and lawyers. Its a fucked up system and it needs a re-vamp, and the only ones hard boned, mindful, technical and skilled enough to see it through are real men.

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Seeker Jan 10

Quote from T. Volt

This is why men are opting out, so that these crazy women cannot have power, since their only real playing card is sex. Once that card is tossed aside, they have zilch.

They will slowly lose their power in time completely naturally because feminism causes women to show more and more masculine traits so they will no longer become attractive. I have noticed a lot of that in the fitness center and on Tinder and dating sites. Perhaps they will find out and seeks to become more feminine again but the alphamale will never be lured into the trap. Instead he will dominate her. Revenge porn is an example of men dominating women.
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T. Volt
T. Volt Jan 10

OK, revenge porn aside, let's look at the point:

Women can only PRETEND to be like men, and feminists do this by acting aggressive, mean, and insane, but it doesn't make them a man, it makes them a bitch.

Women are good at some things, but there are things that they can never match in comparison to men. That is the key argument here. They do not handle the necessary responsibilities of men with the same capacity for success, in general.

Fucking yes, there are loser guys, but I'm not talking about self destructive douche bags, I'm talking about men.

Yes there are toxic men, evil, vile, disgusting assholes who do nothing but shit on everyone, threaten, agitate, abuse and act like sociopathic assholes. These might even be strong men in some ways but they lack the personal dedication necessary for self ownership. They are essentially broken. Men or women who act this way are broken records.

With that aside, we keep on the subject of men having capacities that women don't. Sure, women are capable of a certain affection and love that is hard for a man to give to his children. This is beneficial as a COUNTER to the DYNAMIC of a mother and father, that is, saying the woman isn't a lazy neglectful slut, or a crazy abusive psychobitch, or that the father isn't one either.

Fact is, the dynamic is broken, and women aren't going to give up their authority, they are not going to quit pushing these laws and irrational domination over men. What are men left to do?

A game requires that you have a playing chance, and men increasingly do not. The illusion then may be, that there really is no game, just bait and hook. How fucking ironic indeed, that the predators should become prey.

The one thing the puppet masters rely on is weakness and apathy, and the one thing they hate, and I mean fucking HATE the most, is when those with the capacity for self ownership and strength wake up to their capabilities, because it is the one thing that puts a direct threat to the face of tyranny, men being men.

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Seeker Jan 10
So you mean MGTOW can change it?
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