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Dark Enlightenment
I cant believe I missed this one.  The Dash-8 is an interesting plane.  Surprised he made it through the aileron roll without dying. 


If I was this guy i would have gone for something bigger.

I would do it with a 737-800, assuming i had access to one.

 Takeoff roll is not so hard. On that variant you want flaps 5  and at rotation speed, around 160 knots, you initially pull back to 5° and then when you have established a positive rate of climb you pull back to 10° and retract landing gear. Watch the speed and always disable the transponder. 

Then using the autopilot to control it, set some holding pattern at 12,000 feet and circle over a metropolitan area. The charges would stack up and they couldnt shoot you down.  Unlike this dudes plane, the stresses of doing an aileron roll might break apart that 737. 

A plane which literally anyone can learn how fly.

And in this scenario I don't want to die, or even kill people, I just don't want to worry about money anymore, and if I make it like I might crash it if they don't meet my demands, theres an added terrorism charge.

I would say, "I will land at an airport on an ILS approach if you [insert demands here]", and then land and get arrested and hopefully go to jail for a very long time.  I would ask for old Charlie's cell, assuming it's not ADMAX.  It could be home for me too.  Its what they wanted and had in mind.

The "they" that possesses me to hijack a 60 million dollar jet in the world where i could get close to one. 

Anyway, did anyone else catch this, is it only because I look at the news like twice every 4 months that I missed this?

What are your thoughts? 

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Brother Shamus
Sure you would.  You are such a fucking liar. A puffer fish. You are totally a terrorist now because you know how to takeoff a 737...  You couldn't do that because you probably love aviation like a nerd that listens to ATC for fun.  I think your real thoughts are, "That's a whole new level of job dissatisfaction". 

 Quit being a little martyr bitch, treating your parents like shit, and trying to get the god damn frog to sing. The frog only sings to you, you must have learned this by now, fucking noob. 

AK Jan 16
"but uh, I wouldn't know how to land it. I wasn't really planning on landin' it" I like that attitude.
Dark Enlightenment
You could tell he wanted to die and take a Horizon Air (Not technically Alaska Airlines) turbo prop with him. 

That's worth noting. Of the ones that go out that way some actually do it somewhat ethically. He wanted revenge on the company so he flew over unpopulated forest and wanted to be the only who died.  Interestingly insurrance washes away the loss, and the statement is made with almost minimal worldly impact. Seems an honorable self immolation in that respect.  

I personally like the Southwest employee that quit by taking beers and deploying the emergency slide saying fuck all of you.  Somewhere in between these extremes of unorthodox ways to terminate an employment is still the tenacity to act on such unorthodox impulses. 

The Horizon one just had a death wish associated. 

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AK Jan 16
I have to admit, despite the number of very serious people in three-piece suits who take exception, that has got to be the most contextually hilarious conversation I have heard this decade.
Dark Enlightenment
You cant teach inserting such Irony into an otherwise banal conversation. Most cant even identify it.   

The Irony of course is inherent or at very least a delusion of martyrdom. 

Which always gets denied.  Hasn't detoured me yet.  Irony to be had maybe? 

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