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Dark Enlightenment
It really does laugh in moonlight, or whatever cliched metaphor you want to use.  You may sit there thinking dark pageantry means something. Speaking of meaning something. Very few will truly get this.

For starters to make an apt descriptor of the "fire" one chooses, imagine being consumed with jealous envy. That never landed burning that takes over before many a blind rage. The obsessive fixation to never let something or someone go until you consume them completely.  

The perfect scene of insomnia and raw nerves. 

Consider the insomnia itself. In many cases it is an overactive dialog that can wire you wide awake. Self-driven dialog of, ""you are too wired too sleep" . It can kick your ass. This is the pressure put on oneself.  The inability to sleep in the land of fire is grasped upon by the unconscious and wrenched to your despair. 

Much like self driven dialog, the narrative that surrounds  "living as possessed" (per christian bias)  can script a somewhat malevolent experience. 

The catch is, It doesn't really have to be, but what you project about the world is represented as paranoia. Likewise, it will know what button to push.  Anything from a nermal-like little annoying presence of a playfulness you want to murder with an axe to a sanctimonious bully.

It can be an experience that seeks to remove itself. Burn you until you scream to be free of it.  It feels like the worst sales pitch ever and one surely to have the many running back to safe ground.  One might draw the conclusion malevolance is on the payroll. 

Much like other doctrine, the demons may as well be all those; paranoias, fears, or 'engrams' some spend thousands to identify. It exploits weakness and digs at it for all its worth in classic "don't be a bitch" fashion. You really should be able to handle it capitalizing on those 'negative' emotions.

Worry will be attacked, and you might manifest a nightmare etc etc.

In my mind the only faulty assumption on this is that it may be caused by things "floating around" in discorporeal form waiting to grasp on to you. Much like scientology, again, this supersedes the more mundane "you do it yourself" form, and adds an otherwise unnecessary layer. Sort of like a fraternal club and an intermediary concept that you later learn is invalid. Or high school algebra versus trig.

The experience will be as sick as what damaged you, and you will be as cruel as that makes it.

The mysticism part becomes some initial window dressing that can causes more inversions than anything else. None the less, and no matter how mundane the explanation is, there is a colloquial concept to encompass it in a fanciful way. 

Special emphasis here on your.

Funny, i always thought it was a heroin euphemism.

This has been your Reagan-esque PSA. 


This is a continuation.

Reigning It In:

The mythos of a succubus comes to mind. A most incidous of thoughtforms. They feed on nerve -laden sexual fruatration in a way reserved for "pent up jackasses that deserve it".  Wait. What? Sorry head 2 finished that one. 

Sorry, Ms. Fire Woman, I made you as real as you can get.

It really does need to back off the sexual attraction thing though. Just admit you are a sadist as role dictates. And as my more than likely subjective projection of mistrust, may you direct me towards a narrative of malevolent opposition. Can not really help what folks say and you hear.  Easy to feel like it wants you dead. Self loathing can be compounded, next stop is Stockholm Syndrome 

It is counterintuitive to assume something beyond self creation. You think anything else would want to stay like any other parasitic organism. To make this work you must then argue something like, "Once it takes your [insert fluffy drifty thing here] it has no more use for you".  For this you must anthropomorphize the motivation for all life everywhere, or even worse devise a solipsistic world bordering on 13th Floor Ground.

The sickening part is you have only to reign in its wild eyed ass. As you want to crush its skull it licks your face and pokes every button just to try to set you off in an epic display.  Hell may be knowing you have had your options stripped of plurality by your own neuroses. This, despite how badly you want to blame something, someone, anyone.   Fucked if you do not have to deal with it and face the Rainman-like discomfort of overloaded emotion. Fuck.  "Look at me, I learned to control. Do I get to wear a shiny passive bitch badge now?"  

Why can't I just find a stand in for it and beat it mercilessly? Repressed alcoholics do it all the time.

It exposes the pathology of a very twisted archetype. An Angel of Death eating sadism of the most choice cut. 

In fact, if it's not you doing it, the options dwindle to the specious and implausible.  The man behind a psyops curtain persuading you to shoot Reagan for the lesbian to a drifting  parasitic discarnate entity. 

Occam's razor doesn't usually fail on these.

*Sad But True plays in the background* 

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Anna Jan 28
This is a dream I had a long time ago:

I visited my auntie. My auntie was a young Queen, she wore a crown and she lived in a castle. I was to spend a night there. When the night came and I was in bed, I heard footsteps on the stairs. I left my room and saw my Queen auntie going down the stairs into the cellar. I followed her there. There was a fire place in the cellar and she was sitting in front of it and looking at it. She didn't speak. She didn't move but she wasn't dead. She was as if in the state of catatonia. I said to her "I will stay here with you." She was doing it regularly every night.

This is what mythology is about. It expresses the man's obsessive spiritual longings, the desire for immortality, death and rebirth and the return to the Source. It's God's call. It pervades the humans' whole culture and it haunts them at night. Even those who repeat after LaVey: Man is like any other animal. But who really believes that?
Anna Jan 28
Well, it was a strange woman but for some bizarre reason I knew she was my aunt. What I found perplexing was her stupor. Or perhaps, it was an intense focus. But she was totally unresponsive to any outer stimulus, totally poised. I recalled that dream because the OP seems to associate the fire with raw and wild passion.
Anna Jan 28
My aunt? I don't like her all too much. We quarrelled a lot. It changed a little bit now but I'm not really fond of her.

You know that the scorpion doesn't really commit suicide, right? It just dies. Destruction vs rebirth.
Anna Jan 29
The appearances can be misleading, my dear. That dot I killed WAS real.
Dark Enlightenment

Stop playing with each-other my totally serious topic.  

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