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Dark Enlightenment
One of the most fun things about childhood was ostracizing invalid twats with minor differences. Bullying. Fuck that twitchy kid with no friends anyway. This was the general plasticity of children to go with whatever the most apparent difference is/was. 

Its hard to find now. Kids were reprogrammed per ACLU specification..

Kids are now so injected with diversity and this trans-love hippie bullshit that I surmise kids get beat up for being racist now.  Well MLK has had his dream realized.  And this is the society that judges by content of character.

When indifference is beyond folk.

This one you can blame the Jews on.

This is the result of Zionism and the progeny of a million tragic casualties of war. One can point to "thousands of years of persecution" but really WWII was the best thing that could have happened.

Jews are known for being complainers and whiners that often cite their heritage or religion and overwhelmingly vote left. Take for example, Kyle's Mom on South Park trying to ban all things offensive. There is massive truth behind jews birthing their children into pools of crocodile tears..

Since then the West has singlehandedly made Zion (Israel) a superpower. Whether granting return asylum to wealthy 'silvers', 'golds' and 'greens'  (Just add a 'stein', 'berg' or a 'baum') or the many sizable contracts with defense contractors.

Through military industrial reach, the Jews, and their true belief of being special, have infiltrated all western media and governments.  They are the single most influential foreign government to the USA, and by extension its allies.  They are the special chosen people surrounded by Jihadist Arabs, after-all.

It's about protecting Jewish interests. Keeping their Zionist stronghold out of Muslim hands and indoctrinating their diversity mantra until genocide never happens again... to them.

And to do that you must build Museums of Tolerance and chastise kids who are mean to the weird kid, instead of telling the weird kid to learn how to fight. 

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Anna Feb 16
Oh come on, blaming the juice for all the evil of the world is so passe.
Dark Enlightenment

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