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BloodRainbow Feb 25

Just watched Zach Black's featured video. Liked the message. The Church of Satan wouldn't approve of tampering with Satanism, by making it more "sinister" as Zach suggested.

How would it be done? Is it even possible?

Perhaps things considered "taboo" like Zach said could be incorporated into Satanism? But who would do it? And who's judgement?

I think Zach should be the one who does it since he is well known. Zach has many platforms (youtube and SIN) to teach the new kind of Satanism.

Dark Enlightenment

Subversive Facsism 101:

1. Establish - A doctrine helps. Or some other visual, textual, or even an image caption to say, "Y'all motherfuckers do it wrong." 

2. Scapegoat - pick a type of person who you think does it wrong and highlight how they do it wrong. 

3.  Propaganda - oh glorious rhetoric, how you motivate the sheep to sinister exploits.  

4.  Never call attention to any elephants that may completely invalidate you goals.


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BloodRainbow Mar 2
A book would need to be published. This will reach a lot of people. We can call it the New World Translation Satanic Bible, or something. Zach will have to write it and promote it. Maybe call it "The Satanic Quran." That'll get some publicity from the Muslims. Talk about making Satanism sinister again.

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