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BloodRainbow Apr 2

She was beautiful. I never knew her name. She was the mom of the boy across the street I used to live on as a child with whom I played with often.

Red hair. Wavy. Reminded me of Jessica Rabbit. She smoked Virginia Slims and had a poodle. I had a crush on her. Irish girl.

Then she was gone. She left my friend, that boy, in the house with his grandparents. And I never saw her again. My heart broken. I never forgot her. I just never knew her name.

I moved from city to city. State to state. Grew up. Left my childhood behind. But I always remembered my friend's mom. The beauty that she was.

Recently, I found my childhood neighbor who lived with me on that street, my friend and his mom lived on. My reconnected friend and I talked about how hot that boy's mom was. I learned her name: Arlene Mary. My reconnected friend didn't know her last name. I did. Puzzle pieces.

I was curious. I had her whole name now. First, middle, and last. So I Googled her. Found her. In Alaska. Googled her current address. Saw her house she lived in.

Arlene is 60-years-old now.

The house picture and her age... the time that past us by... put me into some weird mood. Like a part of me is stuck in a timewarp. Still fixated on the "Arlene" I knew and remember as a child. An "Arlene" who doesn't exist anymore. Who is only now "real" in my mind.

I thought about contacting her. What would I say though? How would our first date be? Our first kiss? She's married. Things in life can get so complicated.

I feel like a tree. My branches grows with time. But my roots stay put in the past, buried in faded chthonic memories. My emotions, like a squirrel that runs up and down that tree, transcending time.

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Brother Shamus
The sun is the same in a relative way. 

On the topic:  A requiem for a long lost MILF?   

Things can exist in your head and hold value. Christians do that with Jesus.  With people it gets trickier.  You must turn something that once was into an abstraction (by never letting go of it) and realize its only use is psychodrama with consequences.  At most it will fuck up any current/inhibit any future relationships, at minimum it becomes pathology in a weird dwelling stalker kinda way. 

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