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AK Apr 7
Postmodern thinking resonates with the idea that there are no facts, only interpretations. Insisting that there are no objective truths, the phrasing "personal truth" would find itself at home in such a muddled world-view. 

Whether or not it is factual that there are no facts, or if it is objectively true that there are no objective truths are both difficult questions to be tackled in more advanced courses... 

Tkwilliams Apr 8
To me it sounds like it a fancy way to make life more complacated on purpose. Is this whats happen with modern art? If you apply this postmodern thinking to art then you couldn't say what was art or not art. So a trash can is art becuase you called it so? Hum 
AK Apr 8
Indeed. Plus, seeing the "postmodern" label on anything is a pretty solid indicator that whoever is peddling it is just looking for full-credit and accolades just for turning something in. Everyone gets a medal! 
T.Volt Apr 8

I guess it's just mere interpretation when it suits them, but when social political agendas don't work, suddenly it's a "very real" problem.

Human kind has it's ups and downs in rationality.

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