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Brother Shamus
No, Zach that was actually a joke. Anything you do is for fun and exists online and doesnt effect my personal life.  I actually am surprised you havent banned me permenantly to be candid. Too much sarcasm in the first paragraph carried over to the second.  

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Owner/Admin Owner
Owner/Admin May 8
@ Brother Shamus . The thought has crossed my minded to permanently ban you. I am assuming this is the one known as shugz. Issue with that would be you actually produce stimulating content in between jabs. 
Anna May 9
Sigh. Bro Shamus is Canis. Shugz was that poor Bloodrainbow you banned. I thought everyone already knew that. This escalated rather quickly. So much damn fuss and drama over one lost sock. She has other accounts here and it's not such a problem for her to create new ones. I cannot really blame her for spreading chaos. I only hoped some people were capable of seeing through that and would not give in to the rather mindless and unnecessary drama. A bit of conflict, drama and trolling is indeed necessary to stimulate conversation only if people don't take it seriously or personally enough to become offended or hurt by it. In my opinion, you should ban all the trolls on the spot till (with all due respect) your users and moderators become mature enough to withstand provocation. In other words, let's stay out of the game if we cannot play.
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Seeker May 9
Quote from Owner/Admin 
I am not all in agreement with that statement but am more willing to accept this as a possible truth now. As this unfolds.... will be the merit. 

I would dare to claim it's a fact... I'm convinced that when you have banned AK and Dark Enlightening and removed Hall of Shame then people who really are Satanists will in time return. I think many Satanists agrees that the facebook groups has gone to fare and there is a need for a real satanic online community where people won't be afraid to be banned because of fear of "pissing the admin of".
Anna May 9


And who the hell are you? Yet another troll, an amateur this time? Or just another silly user who has no clue what they are talking about? What community are you talking about? Is a forum a community now? DE aka Canis is one of the very few people left who can write something intelligent and interesting. Like him or not, one can actually have a discussion with him about anything. You, on the other hand, have little to nothing to contribute.

I'm not sure what the issue is between Zach and AK but they should resolve this in private because it doesn't reflect nice on the network if moderators talk shit about each other in public. But that doesn't have anything to do with you and your "real" Satanism.

Seeker May 9
Quote from Anna


And who the hell are you? 

A person who was there when SIN was active and civilised 
in the earlier years and witnessed it's radical change... 

Anna May 9
You must be really insecure to feel so intimidated. Or you're just not all too bright.
Seeker May 9
Quote from Anna You must be really insecure to feel so intimidated. Or you're just not all too bright.

And you can assume all what you want. I really don't care about you.
Anna May 9
You do care enough to respond.
Owner/Admin Owner
Owner/Admin May 9
Anyone have anything left to say here now is the time. I will be locking this thread in about 12 hours. This chapter is over. 
T.Volt May 9

Ha hah! I knew it! Was only a matter of time before another one of these threads popped up!

I guess I could put in my 2 cents about why all the other forums lost their way, kind of like if we actually had to hear that speech in Billy Madison about "the puppy who lost his way" that the script writers decided even they could not take the time to bother writing about, and spared the audience, where as here, it is a never ending story. Forcing people to endure it... but no, no not really, not when you don't actually have to read it if you don't want to. People who lead huh? Like every other forum that crashed because people kept going on about the same shit? Hilarious.

Actually, I just saw the postings about whateverthefuck as the community here having fun with whateverthefuckloopitydoo they wanted. I figure the forums aren't active because people are chatting with one another in PM. If this place gets all "serious" about satanism's image, then it is a place of posers, but isn't the world? I have wound up meeting what I think are pretty cool internet droogs here, quite a few more than a handful, and they aren't all black clad and serious about jack shit. Those are the freaks we tend to make fun of when we open up the flood gates in the chat room, come to think of it.

I'm here for other users, and if you are new here, well, take Satanism as you like, because I doubt whatever gets posted here is going to change anyone's opinion in the long run.

Have fun.

As that one crazy guy likes to ask, "why so serious?"

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Brother Shamus
Thanks Anna.

But I am in a world of shit. But I gotta play.

So, to whoever i pissed off or wanted to learn me to respect their magic, you can claim success. See getting in an accident not my fault wasnt enough so I had to open up my door in front of a car 2 days later.

While my own dumb fucking fault. I have no choice but to wish kudos to whoever wants to take responsibility. Its a doable road out and also a chance to see how far sociopathic eric cartman shit goes. Not far.  This feels like start of someones teachable something. 

Last time i felt i upset my cosmic luck balance. If that was true last time between cankles and greasy nerds it really should be true this time. It was seriously like, "Ah fuck, it wasnt his fault, do it again." 

Anyway, there is always ways out of shit. But that was for any magical fruitcake that wants to take credit. 

Also, I choose to learn nothing from this and look forward to burning the rest next time i forget to plan and shit.

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Jedi_Jane May 9
I masturbated to this thread. 
Owner/Admin Owner
Owner/Admin May 10
And for this reason only do I still have this up. On that note ... perfect time to lock it and move on. 
Quote from Jedi_Jane I masturbated to this thread. 

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