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Dark Enlightenment
A Slideshow video with original music to encapsulate my time here. Another thing to be ignored completely, posted off the page, or otherwise forgotten fairly quickly.  

A self deprecating acknowlegement sanity has long left my life. If I was more open to superstition it would angels instead of spies, but still completely gone.

And get checked out if you can follow this.

A previously posted song "mastered" displaying the height of my musical and artistic ability.  Made using "Music Studio 2" (available on iTunes and Google Play) and "Scoompa Video Maker".

Digital Instruments Used: percussion, jazz kit, world kit, music box, saz, grand piano, acoustic bass, juno lead pad, violin solo, violins legato, glockenspiel.

Tales of the Mentally Divergent - Uno, Dos Locos Musica

Alternate (extra harmony)

If only I didn't make it to where nobody gives a fuck. Should have done before I became a total asshole. As long as I view it that's enough.

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Dark Enlightenment
You are the first to do so, and the glorification of my ego outweighs my need to give you shit. Respond to whatever the fuck you want. I have no goddamn authority over anyone, anywhere. 

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Dark Enlightenment
To be fair the originals were working bullshit.  All done in less than 4 hours as an autodidactic tutorial to the software.

Only one version had any commercial appeal for having two overlayed hooks.  

All organic.  Much of it looped 8 measure tracks written without regard for how it should sound.  "It is in D minor" being about the extent of the planning for the first complete "song". 

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Dark Enlightenment
I cant do Major. Everything sounds like The Offspring.

I stick to Pentatonic, Blues, Minor, Romainian Minor, Phrygian, dischord (Kerry King solo - E, F, Am, A, C#, D) Preference for D and C# and A for pentatonic or blues.  Fuck E.

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Dark Enlightenment
I came from guitar.  Started with E tuning, decided Blues scales sound better from the 5th fret (A blues it was) Once I found C# tuning (like Dimebag) I could never go back.  1.5 steps down is the way to go on guitar.  On Piano I transpose the metal riffs to single notes or power chords using the minor 7th interval.
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T.Volt Jun 21

I like to tune down to C#, that's a Sabbath thing for sure, and there are some albums where people think its tuned down one whole step but it's step and a half, C# not D. Astro Creep 2000 is almost all that way.

If I got any lower than C# I might have to adjust my action, but that also depends on strings. I can get away with going down to C (Godsmack) but if I want to play Korn and go down to A, that's going to take some doing, maybe even different strings.

Keep rockin'.

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