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Dark Enlightenment

I must kill it with my Intro.  Come on. I listen to your peoples stuff.  Ok, this is just pandering...

A complete departure if you listened to the last thing I posted. 

Experimental noise is what I'd call it.  Dont expect anything "musical". Mixed to be as disharmonic as possible.  Suggested volume level 80%.

But experimental noise has to have more than something hard to listen to, so it's political too. 

Idle Playground - American History 101

Tempos Used:

4/3 Feedback Loop. Octaves.

5/4 Percussion

10/8 Polar bells

And before you jump on me, the thought is:

Stupidly blaming the immigrant is built in like an almost hypnotic trance loop. 

The chaos of stupid people blaming groups instead of individuals. 

And also to fuck around with time signatures.

Sorry to go all Liberal Arts on you.

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Dark Enlightenment
Yeah, the noise one seems the most popular. 

Thanks for the feedback on the feedback. 

Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jul 6
I don't  know it seems micro and bated. I can appreciate the work put into but it's  unoriginal and ehh

Dark Enlightenment
A Boyd Rice ripoff is what I thought. 

Noise music is also somewhat unimaginative after Brian Eno and his ilk. It tends to meander. This "composition" took a little under 4 hours, so there really not much "work" to appreciate.
Thank you for your input.

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